Gwendolyn Brooks

Ms. Gwendolyn Brooks was abandoned at the altar. She was eighteen when her fiancé did not show up for their private wedding at the Elvis Presley Chapel in Memphis. Ever since that day, Gwendolyn has been prejudiced against all men. Gwendolyn had been pregnant with her first child at the time she and her fiancé were to be married. She had not told him previously because she had been planning to surprise him with the news after the wedding. Unfortunately, she never heard from him again. Gwendolyn has a pale porcelain complexion, dark brown hair and hazel-coloured eyes. Her current age is 31 and her daughter is 13. She makes money housekeeping for upper-class families and is also a nanny when requested. Her British upbringing has blessed her with a great sense of humour. When she is not folding laundry, dusting bookshelves or taking care of her daughter, she is pulling pranks on the children of the families she works for. She has yet to be caught. Gwendolyn is an atheist. She refuses to believe that there is a deity which would allow her fiancé to disappear on her wedding day. She also refuses to believe that there is anyone aside from herself which controls her destiny.  Gwendolyn lives her life believing that she will never really amount to anything substantial in the world. When she dies, she will just be another corpse in the ground to be broken down in the natural cycle of life. There was a brief time when she considered reincarnation, but she dismissed the idea because she no longer believes that souls exist.

The End

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