Lionel Phelps

Mr. Lionel Phelps is a theatre actor in England with a small company currently running out of a basement in the residential area of London. Mr. Phelps is very happy-go-lucky and optimistic. He is a true friend and his loyalty never fails. Lionel is tall, hairy and large about the middle. Other than that, he looks to be the average Englishman. He can always be found wearing his trademark helmet which was a part of his costume when he played the role of Viking #7. He made his debut three years ago wearing this very helmet, and he is reluctant to part with it for its remarkable symbolism. Despite his age of 59, he feels that he is still in his prime and that he will eventually work his way to fame and fortune before his death. Unfortunately, his dream may be diminished by one very small problem: Lionel has a stutter. He is slightly uncomfortable with his speech impediment, but he refuses to acknowledge that it may hinder him from being a successful actor. Lionel is of the Buddhist faith. He studies the life of Confucius and works on becoming more spiritual when he is not rehearsing for a theatre performance. Although he will never admit it, the concept of Karma frightens him a bit, as he was a very naughty little boy in his childhood. He hopes that by doing enough good in the world, he may be cleansed of the shame of his past.

The End

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