Martin McNulty

Mr. Martin McNulty is a self-professed drunk. He has shown up to various Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but has yet to spend three consecutive days sober. Martin is a very good liar, as most Irishmen are. It is how he is able to buy beer with his wife’s credit card. Thank goodness his wife never goes to the bank and always sends him in her stead. This was why Martin’s ex-wife left him. Being a good liar is worth nothing if one is caught. It is a well-known fact that he has a passion for comedy and frequents an open-mic bar in his hometown. He often moonlights there as a comedian on his days off. He usually works as a waiter at the local café. Martin has green eyes and brown hair. He is slightly chubby, although he would argue that he is simply big-boned. He is humorous, creative and honest when he is not lying. In addition, Martin is agnostic. He has never really dallied in the realm of religion and does not plan to in the future. His wife and her family constantly pressure him into committing to Catholicism, but Martin is not easily swayed. He reserves Sunday mornings for recovering from hangovers; not for attending mass. However, if he finds that he is in dire straits and cannot lift himself from the couch after a night of drinking, he may be found muttering to himself, “Dear God, please make the incessant banging in my head stop and never come back again. Amen.”

The End

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