Manpreet Patel

Mrs. Manpreet Patel is a tall, skinny 34-year-old woman who has chocolate brown skin, large brown eyes and long black braided hair. She never smiles because she is ashamed of her crooked teeth. The only jewellery she wears is two silver earrings which her parents presented to her as a wedding present. Manpreet’s husband is a wealthy gang leader in India. She was sold to him by her parents for a large sum of money. Manpreet has become tolerant of his daily death threats and abuse. She once asked him if he would take her to a dental clinic, and he spat in her face and slit the palm of her hand as punishment for her request. She still has a long purple scar which runs diagonally across her palm. Manpreet was abandoned by her friends after being sold to her husband. They all distanced themselves from her for fear of upsetting her powerful husband. Because of her husband’s strict rules, Manpreet is forbidden from seeing anyone. She has not been permitted to leave the Patel Mansion for almost eight months. Her last attempt at escape put her on probation and she has been watched constantly since. Manpreet Patel practices Hinduism and remains a faithful follower despite the unfortunate events in her life. She feels that religion is her refuge from her unhappy marriage and that praying will give her the strength to escape her circumstances.

The End

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