Avigail Birnbaum

Ms. Avigail Birnbaum is a tall, slim 28-year-old woman who has pale translucent skin. She has dull squinty brown eyes and unruly brown hair. She spends an hour every day styling her hair, but it never does any good. She covers her barely noticeable freckles with opaque white powder and wears a rosy pink lipstick which she often reapplies unnecessarily when she is nervous. She believes that she suffers from anxiety, although everyone else associated with her knows that she is simply drawing attention to herself. She has no friends, save for an old woman who frequents her sewing shop. Avigail is also a mother of three. She favours her two daughters over her only son. Widowed shortly after the birth of her son, Ms. Birnbaum’s financial situation has forced her to open a sewing shop across the street from her apartment to support her family. She is no stranger to poverty. Avigail was born into an underprivileged Jewish family, which happened to make her a close descendant of victims from the Holocaust. She associates victims of any crime with being weak. She is embarrassed by her heritage and takes every opportunity to deny her ethnicity. Avigail is very religious and practices Christianity. She has never really belonged to a specific branch of Christianity and has attended various church services at various venues. Religion is just one of the many things Avigail has trouble deciding on. As a Christian, she values fairness and honesty. Her dream is to live in a world where she no longer feels the need to deny her ethnicity so that she can feel equal to people of any race. 

The End

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