The OrderMature

Another collection of descriptions, none of them related to any kind of plot. Mature because there will be scenes of violence and gore.

The figure draped in black moved slowly towards the young girl standing in the centre of the room. The girl was trembling with fear. A piece of white cloth wrapped around her was all she was wearing.

"Initiation." said the figure mysteriously; putting its gloved hands up to its head, and pulling off the hood, to reveal herself. She was beautiful, with waist-length white-blonde hair, and eyes that seemed to be green, blue and silver all at once. The girl wrapped in the white cloth nodded, still shaking violently.

The woman draped in the black, flowing material pulled a jewel-encrusted dagger out of nowhere. Elaborate engravings swirled across the sharp silver blade, while rubies and strange dark stones glittered on the hilt. The young girl watched warily, before holding out both wrists, as if some imaginary chains held them before her. The woman quickly carved an artistic image of a wolf onto one wrist. The young girl winced and held back tears of pain, as she watched crimson droplets form little splatters on the polished black marble floor. The woman ignored the bloody dripping, and continued to carve an image of a human and the moon.

When all this was done, she seemed unconcerned about how much blood the young girl was losing. Instead of bandaging the carvings in the girls flesh, where blood welled up and dripped onto the floor, she muttered some words that were part English, and part something else. The carved images dried up, and the scars healed into neat black tattoos.

The young girl dropped to her knees, the white cloth she wore was stained with her own blood. The woman pulled it off of her, and dressed her in dark grey hood, gloves and flowing robe-like garments, a grey version of what she herself was wearing.

"Welcome to the order." The woman said, smiling with pale pink-grey lips.


The End

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