Under the Oak

The sunlight scorched the grass o a lazy Sunday. Gemma and Alice walked up the hill to where their friends sat in the shade of a large oak. Others had joined them in the walk, but they seemed to take emphasis away from what this was. There weren't as many tears as she'd been anticipating, and her good luck presents seemed out of place.

There were people there that Amy didn't really know, nor care about. But there was dappling sunlight, and who could blame a bunch of teens for grabbing any excuse to hang out in a feild under an oak tree. The group split in 2, those who were there for Amy, and those grabbing the chance. Those grabbing the chance ran about and laughed and sat happily on the grass eating bagels. Those there for Amy ran and laughed in front of cameras for her goodbye video, ate cinnamon bread and gave her cards and little presents.

And one by one they left. Until Amy, Gemma and Alice were alone on top of the hill, collecting plastic cups and rubbish and stuffing it into bin bags. Until only Amy and Gemma were left. Until only Amy was left. She sat on her own, her little trinkets beside her. She opened the card from Gemma. She found beautiful words and a little beautiful ring, beautiful words that didn't mean anything.

The End

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