The Highwayman

Pearls of violet and crimson streaked the sky like an oyster. A girl sat in an emerald forest on a gypsy cart's back door step, watching smooth clouds colour the sky. She wrinkled her cat eyes into a squint into the russet haze of the woods, and smiled as a moody young man strode toward her. His black hair fell around his face, his eyes were dark and haunting. The Highwayman. His rough hands took her's in  his, and he stepped towards her, scowling. He shook one hand out of her's, and brushed her cheek with it. He leant down and pressed his lips to her's. He smirked, and lead her into the caravan. She smiled sweetly, holding a slender finger to her full lips. 

A lone horse trotted out into the clearing, a young brunette rider, watching the cart majestically. He jumped down from the grey and strode purposefully into the caravan. He came out holding the black haired man, and shaking him. The girl kneeled on the edge of the scene, blond strands of hair falling over her face. She held a hand out towards the highwayman, who swiftly yanked himself out of the brunette's grasp and took the girl's hand, running with her as they freed the copper coloured pony from the cart and galloped away as fast as the small horse would go.

They'd lost their home again, but they were happy. The girl wrapped her arms tighter around the highwayman, resting her head on his back, not caring that he could not hold her close.

The End

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