Castle Turned

The sky, black with green lace to add movement that didn’t attempt to illuminate the wet ground, fell to the cobbles in large droplets of chill that trickled down the traveller’s neck, running through his skin and making his bones shiver. Lightning illuminated the sky for an instant, lighting a dark castle, barely visible in the sheet of water that drenched the earth like a translucent curtain.

The man looked towards the grey walls, a hint of green in the highlights, and stumbled, so numb with cold his joints ceased to ache, but stiffly he carried on. He crept over the bridge, feeling the need to be quiet or silent in the menacing shadows of the large oaks that cut the low light of the sky. His cape no longer kept out the chill, it was heavy and useless, but he kept it with him anyway as he approached the heavy doors that led into the castle.

He went to knock, but the doors creaked open slowly, he hesitated, then scurried inside, releived to be out of the cold. He felt a cool breeze on the back of his neck, and turning saw a girl, the most beautiful girl. She had dark hair, wet, black. Her clothing was ragged and torn, leaving patches of caramel skin showing. Her eyes were black and nothing else, and chilled him further than the cold rain or castle ever could. Her eyes didn’t watch, but sliced him through in a cold shudder of happiness. He fell to the floor, leaving a black trail of dark blood to mark a warning noone else saw. 

The End

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