I watched her eyes as she walked to wards me. They we beautiful, a soft shade of green. Her sister had fixed her hair into perfect ringlets of gingery gold. She had a small diamond tiara on her head, followed by a rose-lace veil. Her dress was sleeveless, It was a simple white on the bodice, with A ribbon that followed the top of the front to low on her back. The bodice drifted into the skirt, which was simple and followed the lines of her silouette. An oversized Cream ribbon hung from one hip to low on her calf on the other side. Her skirt bllowed over her shoes. She wore the earings she'd worn on our very first date. I saw them and tears sprung to my eyes. She was wearing long white gloves. She held her hand out toward me and I took it, the contrast was beautiful. In that moment, we'd gone against everything people had said was riight, decent and natural.

They'd chosen their moment for ambush well.

The End

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