Description of a Chrystal Rose

Kneeling on the decaying leaves, I clutched my hand. It wasn’t my worst injury, especially not at that moment. But it hurt most.
In the woods I saw her writhing on the ground, clutching her hand. She was ripped, almost shredded to pieces, yet clutch her apparently unwounded hand. Puzzled I watched.
My love, there she was, in pain beyond all pains. While I watched from my glinting prison. Torn apart she clutched her hand, as the poison spread. I cannot believe what I had done, how can I ever forgive myself.
I shook myself off, as I awoke. I looked down as the sun kissed the top of my head. Suddenly I shifted blocking the sun and wind from the girl below. A horrible droplet sunk into the ground, and into my feet. I could taste the poison, like a thorn in my tongue.
The wind died down, and the sun was shielded from my face. A single tear feel and soaked into the ground. Her pain stung me, but all I could do is watch.
Suddenly my eyes caught a twinkle. A single ray of sun fell upon what a girl had died for. I sniffed with disdain at the scent of the dead girl, poison burned my lugs. I felt a smile darken my face. As the tip of my boot taped the worthless girl, my prize broke to pieces.

Is love really worth dieing for?
Her blackened, gnarled hand opened.
The sun shone down through the shielding tree, illuminating the scene. A pheasant boy, in ragged clothing hidden by damped ferns. A dead girl covered with signs of poison, an evil spirited man, and
A glinting Chrystal rose.

The End

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