Depression Fanatic: Improvised Intelligence

Sure I'm shabby and distinctively irrelevant--successfull tomfooler, tormented husky.  But carefull consideration bears extraordinary enlightenment to my passion for psychological darkness or improvised intelligence.  Dwindle normalcy!  It's overrated.  Uncanny to me is delightfully cryptic.  It marvels shade-grown fanatics.  Their political influence and nature impedes the afordable life.  Heros to me.  An enthusiastic public reception is in order.  Depression fanatic--improvised intelligence--welcomes the bumps and bruises.  Depression fanatics, find the fierce winds availing.  Depression Fanatics eat huge bowls of altercation flakes for breakfast.  Falling is easy, rising up is the hard part...

Careless Thinker

The End

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