Cody: The SecretMature

"Lucas come back!" Lucy cried out, chasing after the speeding motorbike. I jogged after her, trying to tell her that it was no use, he was gone. Eventually she ran out of breath and I caught up with her.
"Are you okay?" I placed a hand on her back and she cringed away.
"Don't." She told me. "Not after what has just happened."
"I'm sorry," I said, trying to sound apologetic. She glared at me.
"If Nick finds out, we're over! And don't you even care how Lucas feels?"
I cared, that was the problem. But I didn't say anything. I just watched helplessly as she burst into tears.

I walked her home. By this time it was dark. We stood on the porch and stared at each other silently for a moment. An awkwardness hung in the air that we'd never experienced before in all the time we had known each other.
Then she took a step towards me and kissed me lightly. My eyes widened in shock, partly because I was surprised, but mostly because I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing.
She pulled away. "See?" She said, like she was pointing out something obvious. "Once sex is out of the equation, you're not really interested."
"What d'you mean?" There's a sharp tone to my voice. I sensed what she is about to say. The thing she promised never to bring up.
"Maybe you should talk to Jon..."
I turned around and walked off, as though I did not hear what she said.
"Cody, listen to me! Cody!"

I lay awake in bed, watching the shadows glide across the ceiling. She promised to never bring it up, the secret which I had confided in her for two years. If no one said anything then it never happened, right? I would never be able to forget, but I could fool myself. More importantly I could fool others. I was an illusionist.
I must have eventually sunk into a doze because before long I was dreaming...

I was at a party. The music was loud and everyone was pressed against each other, grinding in a rather extreme fashion. I managed to push my way out, afraid that if I'd stayed on the dance floor any longer I would choke on the dry ice and suffocate.
Suddenly, I felt someone take my hand and pull me into another room.
Standing in front of me stood the most beautiful redhead I'd ever laid eyes on. Her emerald eyes sparkled at me beneath hodded lids and her dress seemed to sway as if caught in a breeze.
She released my hand and gestured for me to follow her over to the four-poster bed that stood in the middle of the room. Now that I think about it, it was the only piece of furniture in the room.
She shoved me onto it in a playful manner, a cheeky grin stretched across her face. Her long, straight hair was almost the same crimson as the bed's satin sheets, the same silkiness too.
"Lay down," she commanded. I obeyed.
She climbed on top of me with a grace that showed experience and began to unbutton the shirt I was wearing. I tried to push my head up, to kiss her, but she put a finger on my lips and whispered in my ear for me to wait.
After she had removed my shirt, she began to tie my hands to the bed with a piece of rope she had pulled out of nowhere. I stared at her, paralysed, mesmerised.
Then she kissed my neck, slowly and in a way so that she was gradually moving down. The experience was more intense than I ever felt before, her soft lips sent a dark kind of dizziness that went straight to my head.
"Close your eyes," she told me.

She had not yet reached my collarbone when I felt the shape of her lips change. The cheek that often brushed against me was no longer flawlessly smooth, but rougher, suggesting a stubble. The hands wrapped pressed against my chest were different too, the fingers longer.
I opened my eyes to see Lucas had taken her place, but before I could do anything, even scream, he let out a cry of his own.
"You've got to help me Cody! They've trapped me here. In Temptation. If you don't come, I'll never escape." His reddish-amber eyes were wide open in the unmistakeable expression of fear.

The End

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