Lucas: He’s like a puppyMature

I couldn’t help but be interested in what Ed was telling Cody, I felt guilty as I stood next to the door listening. My mind wandered to Joshua, my sneaking reminding me of his dark aura, my spine shivered slightly. They had stopped talking and I began to debate with myself what I should do. I pushed the door open a crack, enough so that no one would notice it. I peered through the crack which lay between the door and the frame, where it was attached on the two hinges.

Ed had his head buried into Cody’s chest and Cody was gently hugging him back. Warm flooded my body. So Cody does have a soft side, I thought to myself. It appeared Ed wasn’t going to move so I entered the room, smiling, my guilt evidently showing, at Cody who returned it with a glare like daggers. I took the hint and slumped onto an adjacent armchair, giving the brothers space. After a few moments Cody prised Ed from his chest, who sniffled and wiped his nose with his hand.

“Alright short stuff, I’m going to get us some hot chocolate, would you like anything Luc?” I was a bit taken aback by this new name, but I accepted it and responded.

“I’d love some” Cody left the room, leaving me awkwardly with the snivelling and damp faced Ed. He looked at me in embarrassment.

“Sorry” he mumbled looking at the TV, where the scores from our last game where still revolving. He picked up his controller and started a co-op game. “Want to play?” he mumbled again. Sensing he wasn’t in a talkative mood I took a controller and signed in on the account that Cody had, had me make. It’d taken me ages to set up my avatar to look like me and had to settle for a depressingly un-similar portrayal, the red hair being about it.

       We started playing, and Ed stopped crying his attention, the same as mine, fixed on the game. We were doing well and neither of us noticed Cody come in. He cleared his throat and I glanced at him. He had a tray with three mugs and something covered in a kitchen cloth, I wasn’t really interested though, and turned my gaze back to the game, both Ed and me were in a massive fire fight. It amazed me how these humans made games about war, but I wasn’t surprised I had seen human children, in the Daemon world, walking around with headphones or playing on handhelds. Of course they were always rich, so I only ever saw them at social events or surrounded by bodyguards.

“Ed pause the game a sec” Ed obliged and he and I turned to look at Cody, who had se the tray down on the heartwood coffee table, which possessed a large number of stains and chips. “This’ll cheer you up Ed, watch his face.” Cody said pointing at me; I felt apprehensive as Cody slowly leant over the tray. Then suddenly he tore away the kitchen cloth, I let out a squeak.

“Muffins” I shrieked and leapt across the room towards them, but before I could grab one of those delicious mushrooms of ecstasy Cody grabbed the plate they were on and held it high above my head. I jumped at them, feeling a massive sense of déjà vu. Ed was cackling with laughter as was Cody. Cody pushed me back gently with his free hand. “Come on, give me one” I pleaded, Cody, fixated with the muffins. An evil grin appeared in his face.

“Sit” I cocked my head at that,


“I said sit” Cody smirked and Ed giggled.


“Come on sit down on the floor” I sat down my legs crossed, and my head tilted back so I could look at Cody, it hurt my neck slightly. “Good boy” he laughed and gave me the plate, I shovelled them into my mouth, letting out a moan of pleasure, not bothering to move from the floor.

“He’s just like a pet” I heard Ed say to Cody, who laughed. I turned around and gave Ed evils. He was looking at me, a happy smile on his face. He couldn’t see Cody, giving me a pleading look form behind him. I caught on, and let out a yap and turned back to the muffins, finishing them off. Once I was done I lay back, and groaned, running ym hand over my stomach.

“Urgh they were so good.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect you to eat all of them” I grinned at that,

“What can I say, they’re my vice” I was enjoying this, I felt loose here, not at all nervous and this nicer Cody was far more appealing than the nasty one, though he was pretty appealing too.

“Well since you ate all the snacks, could you come and help me get some more” I followed Cody out of the room and down the corridor to the kitchen, we left Ed gaming.

       The moment we were in the kitchen and out of Ed’s ear reach, he turned on me and stared at me, his happy face gone. It was replaced by a rather angry one, a think I weed myself a little. He glared at me,

“You’ve got to help me”

“Whatever it is... sorry what”

“You’re Gay right, Ed just told me he and I need your help.” I didn’t know what to say.

“I’m sorry I don’t see why you need help, what’s the problem” I really couldn’t get it, men liked men all the time it wasn’t strange was it.

“Of course it’s a problem, for the first time ever, Ed has opening up to me since he was a toddler, and I can’t mess this up. Not like John did with me” I didn’t say anything, my hands in the pockets of my jeans, I looked up at Cody, at his smooth face, slightly freckled and his messy blond hair. “What” he croaked as I just stared at him. “Is there something on my face” I don’t know why I did what I did next; I just knew I wanted to do it more than anything. I kissed him. He didn’t move for a moment, obviously shocked, and then he pushed me off, not aggressively, but forcefully. I looked at him, feeling warm. He rested his hands on my shoulders. “Lucas, I’m sorry, this isn’t the first time this has happened.”

“What do you mean” my face started to go red

“Lucas. Listen to me, I’m irresistible I know it, you know it, but I’m afraid I’m not attracted to you. I’m flattered really.” I slumped down onto the floor, my back to the door.


The End

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