Lucas: SickyMature

       I pulled the duvet around me making a cocoon and I wrapped my arms around the pillow clutching it to my chest, I felt weird. I was still used to sleeping in the harem chambers, where the floor was covered in cushions, rugs and blankets. There was always someone to cuddle up with, and I didn’t like the change. I didn’t know why Cody had been so angry, must have been an Earth thing. I rolled over and tried to get to sleep, Cody’s snores making it difficult.

         I was woken up by a tired snuffle. I cracked my eyes apart, and glanced around with my eyes. A warm light was shining through the translucent duvet, creating a heavenly glow around me. I heard Cody groan, and shuffle around.

“This is all your fault somehow” I struggled out of the duvet so I could look at Cody. He looked like crap, he looked pasty and there were heavy bags under his eyes, but he was wearing fresh trousers, and I guessed underwear. I couldn’t help but stare a little at his six pack. Rubbing sleep from my eye I mumbled,

“What time is it?”

“Nine am” he said as he pulled a fresh t-shirt over his head. “I’m going to have some breakfast; the shower is down the hall if you want one. At this he walked out of the room, leaving me sitting on the floor, the duvet loosely wrapped around my lower body. After a few moments looking around Cody’s bomb site of a bedroom I decided I would take a shower. I got up and carefully avoided a crusty pair of underwear near me as I made my way to the door. I followed the hall, the opposite way from the staircase. There were two doors in the hall; one was on the opposite wall from Cody’s door, but further down the corridor. The other was directly at the end of the hall. I pushed the door open to reveal a sparkling bathroom. The room was lino floored, with a large white bath and a glass walled square shower. There was also a toilet and a washbasin, around which all the available space was filled by products, like hair jell and even a straightener. I pushed the door closed and stripped off, letting out a sigh of relief as I let my tail swish around. I turned trying to see the hilt, but ended up circling a couple of times before collapsing to the floor, dizzy.

       I rubbed my bottom which was a bit sore from where I’d hit it and gave up on looking at my tail and instead clambered into the shower. The water felt brilliant, I stood back, tilting my face into the cascade. I ‘borrowed’ some of the shampoo that was in the shower. Once I was washed I climbed out, wrapping one small towel around my waist I used another to rub my head. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling. I didn’t hear the knock at the door, but I noticed the door cracking open. I screamed, a little like a girl. That was something I’d noticed I screamed like a tad like human females. I slammed the door shut on the face of the shocked looking Edward.

“Sorry!” he yelled from behind the door. I let out a shuddering sigh, my heart was racing. I was panicking that he’d seen my tail. “Lucas right, I’m really sorry I didn’t know you where in there.”

“It’s alright” I called; I didn’t take my back off the door. After a few moments of quiet Ed spoke again.

“So yeah... are you going to come out so I can use the bog?”

“Sorry yeah” I laughed nervously in reply; I pushed off the door and pulled on my jeans and trousers, and pulled the door open. Ed looked up at me shyly.

“Sorry mate” I smiled awkwardly,

“It’s not a problem; it is your house after all.” I slid past him and began to walk down the corridor before stopping. “Hang on, why aren’t you at school?” I asked turning slowly on the spot. He looked at his feet shyly.

“Don’t tell Cody” I nodded, and he took a breath, “I... well... I wanted to spend time with you guys.” he blurted the last bit. “Well Cody”.

“That’s alright, its great you want to spend time with your brother” he beamed at this and went into the bathroom.

I made my way downstairs to mind Cody. I found him in the kitchen, alone, munching on a bowl of cereal. He glared daggers at me as I entered, feeling refreshed. He pointed at the chair opposite him and I sat down.

“Help yourself to cereal.” He said curtly shoving more into his mouth. I smiled at him, earning myself a glower. Once I had poured the milk into the bowl I took a spoon full and stared at the multicoloured hoops floating in it. I nervously stuck my tongue out and got the taste of one of the hoops. “Why do you always do that?”

“Do what?”

“You know always act like you’ve never seen half the foods you’re eating. Better yet why the hell did you try and get into my bed last night?” I put the spoon back into the bowl and looked at my feet.

“I dunno,” I mumbled trying to avoid looking at him, he thumped his fist on the table

“Listen man I have a massive hangover, so just tell me!”

“Back home, I used to do that all the time” I half lied

“What get into innocent peoples beds?”

“No... I meant share beds”

“What are you five?” I’m almost two hundred

“I’m 17”

“Yeah whatever, you’re such a freak” he threw up his hand, obviously tired of the conversation. I took a mouthful of the cereal and squealed with delight. It was amazing, like a fireworks display was happening on my tongue, Cody burst out laughing at me.

“What” I said my mouth full of food

“You’re really funny” I grinned as he laughed, it filled me with happiness. After his outburst of laughter he cheered up, and when we’d finished our breakfast Cody led me into their sitting room, which was empty. “Wanna play some Xbox?”

“Can I play with you” cried Ed from the doorway

“No, piss off retard” Cody snapped, Ed visibly deflated, I didn’t really know what to do as Cody shoved a controller into my hands. “Have you ever played before?” I shook my head. “You’ll catch on, Ed put a Call of Duty in and you can stay and watch.” Ed beamed at that and hurriedly put the game on before taking his place beside me on the arm of the sofa.

       Cody was right, I caught on pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before I was whipping the floor with Cody, he eventually snapped and let Ed play on his team. I have the feeling it meant the world to Ed, but at the time I was too busy enjoying myself like crazy.

The End

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