Cody: Interrupted SleepMature

I flopped onto my bed, groaning when my head collided with the pillow. I didn't bother about slipping on my pyjamas. Instead, I just kicked off my trainers, got under the covers and fell right asleep.

"Cody," someone whispered. "Cody?"

"Go away," I mumbled into the duvet, my eyes shut.

"But Cody, you're room's a mess and I don't know where to sleep."

"Sucks to be you," I replied, turning over in the bed so I was facing away from the persistent voice.

"Can I...Can I sleep with you in your bed?"

I groaned. Couldn't this person take the hint that I wasn't in the mood for talking?

The bed creaked, and the person climbed in.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" my eyes snapped open and I flung around to find Lucas' outline half in my bed.

He squealed and fell out, crashing down hard onto my bedroom floor.

I sat up a little to fast and was almost sick again. My head was pounding.

"Sorry," Lucas whispered. "I'm so sorry! I thought...I thought."

"Well you thought wrong!" I snapped at him, not caring if I woke the whole household up.

I grabbed my pillow and duvet and launched it at him. It hit him with a satisfying thud, causing Lucas to make an 'oof' sound.

"You can sleep on the floor."

With that I lay back onto the now bare mattress and fell asleep.

The End

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