Lucas: The RyansMature

“Ewww!” Screamed Lucy, sick dripping down her. “You arsehole!” I stayed in silent, shocked, Cody began grovelling, clever guy.

“Lucy, I’m sorry, it’s not my fault” she just scowled at him.

“Get out”

“What?” he slurred

“I said get out of my car” she retorted quietly

“Fine, we don’t need you do we Lukey” Cody struggled out of his seat belt, flinging the door open the door he staggered a bit from the car, throwing up on the pavement. Lucy turned her glare towards me.

“Go with him; make sure he doesn’t kill himself” I smiled at her apologetically.

“Sure” I got out and clambered over the seats, a bit worried about the roaring traffic on the over side of the road.

“Stay the night to make sure he doesn’t choke to death, he’ll be ill tomorrow so, you might as well take a sicky with him. I’m worried about him and I am gonna trust you with him, after all this is kind of your fault.”I offered her a slight smile, but she still wasn’t amused.

“Bye Lucy” she didn’t reply and roared off in her car leavening me with a vomiting Cody on the side of the main road through town. “Shit” I swore as I realised I had left the envelope from Joshua in the car, oh well Lucy would probably just give it to me when I next saw her, she wouldn’t open it would she.

“Lukey, come and rub my back” whined Cody, I obliged and once his stomach was empty he straightened up. “Thanks” he mumbled not wanting to look me in the face, obviously embarrassed. “Is Lucy gone?”

“Yeah, she said to take you home.”

“Oh ok”



“Where do you live?”

“Erm” he looked both ways down the road, “this way” he cried and strode off down the street, before turning on his heel and marched the other way “actually this way” I rolled my eyes and followed him.

       It took us a good hour to make it back to his house, it was quite large, semi-detached with three stories and a red tiled roof. He staggered up to the door, I lingered behind him. He hammered heavily on the door a couple of times.

“Dweebs let me in!” A few moments later there was the sound of pummelling footsteps on the stairs and fourteen year old standing in the doorway, he was wearing pyjama bottoms and a bulky hoodie, which made him look smaller, his face was riddled with acne.

“Cody! You’re back!” He cried “Jon Cody’s back” he called down the corridor. Almost instantly a tall lanky guy appeared, he grinned haughtily at us standing in the doorway; I had begun to shiver in the cold.

“Jesus, Cody you smell of sick and booze are you drunk?”

“Shove off Jon, I only had a little”

“Is that true” he said looking at me. I shook my head

“He threw up all over Lucy, he is really hammered.” Jon rolled his eyes melodramatically

“You’re lucky your freind brought you back, I guess you aren't going to school tommorrow.” Cody just staggered past his brother and headed up the stairs tripping a few times on the way up. Jon turned back to me, I was shivering heavily now. “Come in, you’ll get a cold standing out there all night. Thanks for bringing him home.” I graciously entered the house and Ed closed the door behind me, grinning at me like a freak.

“I like your hair” Jon laughed ruffling Ed’s hair, the kid scowled a little at that.

“Go to bed Ed, me and what was your name again?”


“Yeah Lucas and I are going to have a little chat about why our brother turns up so drunk he can’t walk straight” Ed smiled at me and pounded up the stairs, leaving me to follow Jonny, in his dressing gown down the hall to the kitchen.

The End

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