Lucas: Your tail is showing mateMature

I stood in nervous silence next to my fellow runt; he was leaning against the wall of the elevator, watching me.  

“How long?” he said


“How long have you been here?”

“Only a few days” He didn’t have time to reply, the elevator shuddered to a halt and the doors opened. I stepped out of the elevator, the runt slipping past me. The elevator opened out into a large room about 50 metres in length and 30 in width. There were eight metal girders leading down the sides of the hall, 4 on each side, each 5 metres away from the side wall. They were around 12 and half metres apart. The hall was lit dimly by two lines of neon lights, along the ceiling. Most of the hall was bare concrete, while at the far end was another elevator door.

          The sides of the hall were lined with long sofas and some larger metal thrones, the same thrones commonly used by Alphas, as normal chairs were too small for them. The hall was empty, I had no idea where the other runt had disappeared off to, I felt rather intimidated by the large hall. I jumped as a cold voice broke the darkness, firm and heartless, but not one of an Alpha or even a Human; it was the voice of a Runt.

  “Don’t be shy, come and sit.” Only now did I notice the back of the brown spiky haired head appearing over the top of a red sofa a little way to my right. I forced myself to make my way to the sofas, my footsteps echoing slightly in the massive hall. Once I had made my way round I sat shakily on a sofa facing the one, I assumed Joshua, was sitting in.

          Joshua was leant back on the sofa, his face covered by shadow, a shadow slightly too deep to be natural. I could make out his upper torso, which was shaded at the top; he was wearing runt clothing identical to the other, his left leg folded over the right, the shirt was even the same.

“I see you’ve met Matt” he said indicating the boy who’s shown me in, he was lounging on another sofa, entirely uninterested in the goings on, he was examining his nails. “I am Joshua and you are Lucas Korn”

“How do you know my name?”

“News travelled of your disappearance and one of my spies reported seeing a young human or runt breaking their way into the council chambers. Once you arrived here I assumed it was you, it appears I was correct.”



“I was told to come here by…”

“Erik, yes good old Erik, he and I go back a long time, I really must visit the old man someday”

“You know Erik”

“Yes” His inability to continue his sentences was infuriating.  After a moment he smirked and clicked his fingers, Matt looked to him instantly. “Matt, go and collect the papers” Matt got up and walked away, after a few moments I heard a door open and close.


“Yes, you will need them, Identification, proof of birth, and so on, from the age of your friends I assume you’ve been telling people you’re 17.”

“Yeah,” my tail was feeling uncomfortable, so I pulled it out letting it swish freely before resting along the floor.

“I like your tail” I blushed involuntarily, he was being very forward, he may have told me he liked my eyes. “No really, it’s a lovely tail, short enough to not be impractical, unlike mine.” At this a long slightly purple tail, swished from the shadows. It was very long, it must have been almost a metre in length, the tip, was missing though, in its place was a ragged tear, the flesh had healed warped. “A gift from my Alpha, though my gift to him is far more severe, have you heard of Crux the hornless?”

“Yes, of course, he’s infamous”

“Yes well, he was only Crux before I had my men give him my gift.” I stared wide eyed at Joshua, as he casually told me how he had had two of his Alphas, tear the horns from Crux’s head, sixty years after he had left Crux for biting the end of his tail off in anger for spilling a beaker of wine. He stopped mid description of how he had the horns mounted on a wall, when Matt returned holding in his hand a thick envelope.

 He dropped it in my lap and went to sit back where he was previously, but Joshua, grabbed him by the wrist as he passed, pulling him onto his lap, rather forcefully. Matt grinned, wrapping his arm around Joshua’s neck.

“Everything you’ll need is in the envelope; there are instructions as well as a list of contacts we bribed for you, and where we’re slipped your information into the world, like medical records, and so forth.” I looked away, embarrassed, when Matt gasped as Joshua ran his had under his t-shirt. “You can go now, but I’m sure Matt would love it if you’d stay, isn’t that right Matty kins” the last part was said in a baby voice, which made Matt snigger. I didn’t get up a little frozen by their blazon display, “Seriously either join in or leave” He snapped now, somehow hurting Matt in a way I didn’t see, who’s face contorted a little.

I quickly returned to the elevator, and took it back up, not looking back as I heard Matt laughing again. I looked at the envelope, suddenly Lucy’s phone vibrated; I pulled it out of my pocket. It kept vibrating before I pressed the green button hoping it would do something.

“Hello Lucas?” I heard Lucy yelling through the phone, powerful club music pumping in the back ground.

“Lucy is everything ok!”

“yeah everything is fine! We were just wondering where you were, We’re in the main club, come and join us, we’ve snagged a booth and Cody has snagged some girls, so we can catch up, I’m the driver so I can’t get hammered.”

“Cool how do I find you?”

“Oh um, when you get into the club, we’re like to your right, you’ll see us.”

“See you in s few moments then” I hung up the phone and a few seconds later the doors opened and I pushed open the door to the foyer, a blond guy had taken Matt’s place and was reading the same magazine, he smiled at me as I walked past.

“Your tail’s showing mate”

The End

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