Lucas: TemptationMature

          After Cody had copied up my notes, I sat in boredom as the class continued the dissection; I had cleaned up my desk and washed the tools, and now had the side of my face resting on the table, chasing my pen around on the table.  Cody seemed to have taken it upon himself to sabotage the chances of the two girls next to him; Sally and Claire. Sally was deep into conversation with Cody, who was getting a tad touchy, something which made me terribly uncomfortable.

          Claire however, was quite quiet and, it seemed, staring at me. I looked up and she winked, I blushed a s she kept eye contact, I instinctively looked away. Runts didn’t last long if they maintained eye contact. She giggled a little, I made the mistake of forgetting the situation and took the scrap of paper I had been keeping in my pocket and held it on the table in front of me, examining it. It read “Temptation”, Erik had given it to me only saying, ‘find this place and ask for Joshua Omega’.

“Hey Cody.”

“Yeah mate” seeming a little frustrated I had distracted him from Sally, who returned to her dissection, making a pig’s ear of it. “Lucas, what”

“Oh sorry, do you know where this is?” I offered him the scrap of paper

“Dude!” Cody, laughed

“What” I said taken aback

“Lukey, my dear fellow, I didn’t know you were this deep into the club scene, but then by your hair I should have guessed you were into this kind of thing.”

“What kind of thing?”

“Lukey this is a hardcore club man I don’t think there is any other place like it.”

“Cody! Just tell me!” I raised my voice slightly, slightly shocked at myself, I clamped my hands to my mouth “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout” I mumbled through my hands Cody looked a little shocked,

“It’s alright man, I’m not gonna hurt you” Cody’s face contorted a little as Claire slapped him on the back of the head.

“Don’t be mean to him” She said, turning to me “What did he do” Cody answered for me

“I was just trying to tell him how he wouldn’t be able to get into that club ‘Temptation’, not even I can get in.” Claire’s eyes widened, her mouth making a silent ‘oh’.

“I can get us in” Sally said cheerfully from behind Cody and Claire, all three of us turned to look at her, a little shocked, to be honest I had forgotten she was even there. “My Sister’s boyfriend works as a bartender there, he told me all about it, he even got me in once though they wouldn’t serve me, said they only serve people with IDs” Cody looked gob smacked.

“What’s it like then?” He stammered, “Is it as brutal as people say” Sally blushed a little

“Well, the music is pretty brutal, and there are people getting with each other everywhere, and not just boys and girls, so it’s pretty dark for a gay club.” Cody wrinkled his nose,

“Doesn’t sound like my scene then”

“How do you get me in” I said, trying to sound confident in front of Cody. Sally smiled,

“I can get us in you just need a password, but that’ll only get us into the main club, the VIP section needs another one I don’t know, but the drinks are free if you can provide an ID”

“What! How do they make any money?” Cody retorted

“Steve, my sister’s boyfriend, says the owner is really loaded, he owns all the warehouses which are around the one the club is in. he says the owner uses the club to make it popular and VIPs have got to pay loads to get in and that keeps the club going.”

“So when can we go!” Claire butted in,

“No I need to find someone there, alone.” Cody raised his eyebrow, which was pretty cool.

“That’s not happening buddy, I’ve got to get into this club, it’d be great for Sally and mine’s first date” Sally gasped happily

“Really Cody, yay!” Cody smiled at her, and then turned to Claire.

“That’s great, me and Sally and you and Lukey.” Claire squealed and I smiled, trying not to show my tad pointy K-nines.”

I waited at the gate, as Lucy said goodbye to her parents. They’d been kind enough o let me stay with them, after Lucy had ‘explained’ to them that my father had abused me and that I needed somewhere to stay until I got on my feet. They were harsh at first but they were actually really quite nice and Lucy’s mum was happy to have someone around the house that would help with the chores.

          Lucy and I walked to the end of the street; I was wearing my skinny jeans and the hooded t-shirt while Lucy was dolled up in a leather jacket, with a low cut tank top underneath, with skinny jeans as well. We met up with Claire, Sally and Cody and we all walked the short distance to Claire’s car, which was an old Toyota pickup.

“My dad’s" she explained as she got into the driver’s seat, I went to sit on the back along with the others, but Claire called me back ‘not wanting to drive alone’. I sat in awkwardness, as she drove a little crazily, scared that the three on the back would be thrown off. Soon we were driving past large warehouses, some with their doors open, exposing cargo containers and crates. We followed graffiti signs to the club, which was a relatively small warehouse, illuminated by red lights, from the ground up.  A large graffiti sign in luminous colours had been painted beyond the reach of the lamps at the top of the building. ‘Temptation’ it read. “Let’s go.”

We reached the door, where a massive bouncer was standing his bulging arms crossed,

“Password” He rumbled

“Revel” Chimed happily; the bouncer without a word stepped aside, opening the iron door for us

“Enjoy yourselves and no fornication in the club” Claire giggled, patting my arse a little, narrowly missing my tail. We walked down a poorly lit corridor and rounded a bend, the heavy bass already pounding our chests. In front of us were two doors, one labelled club and the other labelled VIP, but to my horror there was a chilling sight before me, another runt, in disguise of course, but before me was a runt, he was leaning on a metal chair, his legs resting on a wooden box. He was wearing traditional Runt clothing: Dark grey combats, low on his hips, and heavy, thick boots, not shiny but still leather, defiantly practical, the combats covering all but the tips. The only addition to the common runt clothing was the tight black, short sleeved t-shirt he was wearing, it had ‘Temptation’ in block white writing across its front. I heard Cody whisper to Lucy at the back of the small crowd

“Doesn’t that kid look Like Lucas” It seemed I wasn’t they only one who heard them because the runt looked up from his magazine, ‘PC gamer’ its name said, I wondered what that was.

“You” He said, his voice like caramel, “aren’t looking for anyone are you?” Claire pushed me forward, happily saying from behind me

“Sure is” He stared at me, his red eyes boring into mine; his hair was dark and long, reaching his chin.

“I’m looking for Joshua.” He continued to stare, but his body language changed, from detached indifference to a more active one, he stopped leaning on back.


“Joshua Omega”

“Weird name, Cody mumbled to Lucy, it was followed by his sharp intake in breath as Lucy poked him in the gut. Whispering

“Shut up” The runt got up, pulling a mobile form his pocket, he pressed a speed dial and went and stood next to me, holding his free hand over my head.

“Look at the camera” he ordered, and we all looked at the CCTV camera which was wired up in a corner above the club door. There were a few moments of silence, and then the Runt spoke again. “You can go into the VIP lounge, but the others can’t.”

“What that’s bull, why can this freak get in and we can’t” Cody yelled, pushing forward so he was in front of the Runt, staring down at him, the runt being a whole head shorter than him.

“Because Joshua says so, and what Joshua says I do and so does Kevin.” Cody laughed a little, but his voice cracked slightly

“Who’s Kevin?”

“Mr Meat at the door, he’ll come if I call” Lucy pulled Cody back a little

“Ignore him, he’s a dumbass, we can still go in the club right?” The runt changed his expression to a pleasant smile

“Of course, and have a lovely time, remember fornication is forbidden in the club, anything else goes” He Winked at Cody then at Clare and Sally, who’d been watching in silence, they giggled. “Ok you” he said pointing at me, “can follow me, the others can have fun in the club,” I went to follow him, but Lucy grabbed me, shoving her phone into my hand,

“So we can call each other, call us when you’re done or need us, call Cody.” I nodded, my thanks went to the door where the runt was causally leaning, “Bye Lukey, see you in a bit” The others opened the door to the club, and heavy music poured out, before the door swung shut behind them. The runt opened the door, to reveal a lift door, which opened without any clear prompt. We both got into the bare metal elevator.

“They don’t know do they?” The runt said, pressing the down arrow on the control board.

“No, they don’t”

“We haven’t had a new Daemon in ages, Joshua will be pleased.”

“Pleased how?”

“You’ll see” The runt didn’t say anything more and we remained silent as the elevator descended slowly.

The End

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