Lucas: Yes they wagMature

I followed Cody into the lab, we were the last in and the teacher was already pulling sheets of paper out of cupboard. I stood aimlessly in the doorway, holding my rucksack to my chest, slightly defensively.

“Come along Lukey,” Cody said, winking at the nearest girl who instantly swooned. I followed him to the back of the room, earning myself the odd passing glance of amusement or disdain. Once at the back Cody slipped onto a bench and indicated for me to sit beside him. I did so, felling awkward on the perilous bench, my feet hanging off the floor, especially with the wide walkway between the work benches.

Cody instantly forgot me as he turned to some overdone up blonde beside him, her cleavage just a little too low to be reasonable, I shrunk a little, how was I meant to compete with these appendages girls seemed to have. I rested my cheek in my hand looking off into nothing. I was sparked back to attention.

“Ok, listen up! Especially you new guy,” I looked towards the bolding teacher, my eyes slightly fearful. “Yes you flamer” the rather obese teacher in a lab coat laughed, followed by the rest of the class. After a few moments at my expense, the teacher lifted his hands.  “Alright… ALRIGHT! Today we’re going to have some fun. We’re going to be dissecting hearts!” there was a chorus of ewws and the odd ‘awesome’, Cody however remained largely indifferent.

We all collected our lab coats, and Cody left me to struggle to find all the equipment for the dissection. I set out my work space perfectly neatly, the scalpel parallel to the white dissection tablet. Cody smirked, sending me blushing again. I set the pad out, to my left, next to Cody, with my right hand resting with the tablet in front of me.

“Do you wanna, do the dissection or the note taking, Cody?” Cody turned to look at me, giving me a ‘do I have to’ look. I sighed, “Do you want me to do it?” he nodded, giving me a thankful look, before instantly turning back to the blond girl he was chatting up. There was another chorus of ewws as the teacher started to head about the room plopping bloody hearts on the desks. When he reached us he placed a rather large one on my desk.  

“It’s a cow heart, has the congealed blood been removed” The teacher smiled

“You’ve done this before?” I shook my head, the teacher moved on, scaring the blond girl when he dropped a heart on her desk, a little blood splattering on her lab coat.

“How’d you know about the heart?” Cody asked

“I just assumed that it had congealed blood, cos there aren’t any incisions on the heart, so I was wondering if they’re drained the blood before using it.” Cody just stared at me. I blushed.

“You’re weird mate” I deflated; his gaze softened slightly, “sorry mate, it’s cool you’re smart, you got this right?”

“What, the dissection sure, if you wanna…”

“Cool” Cody cut me off, turning away again, soothing the girl who had broken into tears, much to the amusement of the teacher. Eventually the teacher had the class start.

A few moments later I was done. I had opened up each of the chambers, without damaging the valves or any of the interesting muscles. I had worked with my right hand, while noting in Daemonic with my left. I tapped Cody on the shoulder after taking off my surgical gloves.

“yeah? Wassup Lucas”

“I’m done”

“What, it’s been like five minutes, Sally hasn’t even opened the heart yet” I shrugged my shoulders,

“Doesn’t mean I’m not done what should I do now?” Cody just looked at me,

“Are you a genius or something?” I blushed

“I don’t think so,”

“Dude, you’re awesome, where are you from, what language is this?” I froze, as Cody was staring at the notepad, “Looks like runes, is it Danish?”

“Yeah whatever, do you want me to translate so you could copy the note?”

“That’d really help me out man” I smiled “You aren’t that bad for a weirdo?”

“Hey Cody, who is the cutey” The blond girl asked, looking over Cody’s shoulder, winking at me. Cody seized me round the shoulder, pulling me tight against him

“Who this? This is my good friend Lukey” I was blushing like a tomato, being this close to Cody. I squeaked slightly as my tail shifted slightly, in an involuntary wag. Yes they wag.

The End

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