Cody: "Lukey"Mature

"So," I said, leaning on Lucy's locker so she couldn't get in. "When are you going to tell me how you snuck Lucas into the school?"

"I have my ways," she replied, a glint of deviance sparkling in her blue eyes before shoving me off of her locker.

"Ouch!" I complained, rubbing a patch on my arm where I collided with a neighbouring locker.

"Oh please!" She cried. "If that really hurt you wouldn't have such a big dopey grin on your face."

"My incredibly handsome face," I corrected her, broadening my smile just to irritate her.

She rolled her eyes at me, whirled around and crashed into a rather bewildered Lucas. "Oh my gosh, sorry! I didn't see you there Lukey."

"Lukey," I interjected, my eyebrows raised.

She shot me a look that demanded I shut up. "It's cute."

"Actually," Lucas said shyly, his cheeks turning a bright crimson, "I much prefer my full name."

I tried not to burst out laughing at Lucy's expression. Not many people had told her she was wrong before. And, from my time I had known her, Lucas was the only one that had gotten a way with it. She just stood there pouting while Lucas mumbled an embarrassed apology. If that was me, boy I wouldn't live to tell the tale!

"Come on Lukey," I said, striding towards him and directing him towards our next class. "I believe we have biology together. Say, wanna be lab partners?"

Lucas beamed at me and nodded enthusiastically. Woah! I thought. I didn't expect that kind of reaction. He obviously hadn't heard about my track record when it came to actual classwork. Although, I wasn't too bad with biology. I enjoyed discussing it with the girls in the class. *Wink, wink.*

The End

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