Lucas: Muffins!Mature

With Lucy’s encouragement, I slipped out of the Moore house in my work clothes. It was a warm morning, so I was content in my shirt and trousers, I had noted down Lucy’s directions, In Daemonic runes, as English wasn’t my first language. Most Daemons spoke in Daemon, except for the runts, we often had to mix with the humans of the realm, many lived there themselves, and were effectively on the same social rank as runts and betas, under Alphas, pack Alphas, Brood Alphas and then finally the Council members, a group of the nine most powerful brood Alphas, three of the most powerful humans and the high lord; Vulcan an Alpha of such age that he was twice the size of any other Alpha, and Alphas were commonly one and half times the size of a large human, with betas being normal human size and then runts like myself being teenager and child size.

I sat quietly at the back of the bus after paying the fare; there was only myself, the driver and a little old lady, with a fur hat which looked a little like it was still alive. Once the bus arrived I slipped out and made the short walk to the café, the door was unlocked and I walked in. behind the counter was Greg, he looked up from the book he had been reading as I entered. He smiled.

“Err hi” I said a little awkwardly from the doorway.

“Hi there, come over here and we’ll get started” He pushed himself off the desk and put the book on the counter in front of himself. I joined him behind the counter. “You’ll spend a lot of your time back here, so try and familiarise yourself with everything, but don’t worry someone experienced will be here the whole time.”

“Erm ok”

“Oh one more thing,” he reached behind his back and pulled out a waist apron, “put this on”

After about 40 minutes Greg had shown me how to work the till, the equipment, like the toasters and coffee makers, and now he’d beckoned me over to the food they had on offer, mostly snacks. I recognised some of them, fruit, carbonated drinks, water, things like that. Then there were a collection of chocolaty things and cakes, My eyes highlighted on a small section of the shelf, there were some mushroom like things.

“What are they?” I asked, forgetting I should probably know, Greg laughed, picking up one with a few chocolate chunks on it.

“Muffins,” He said, grinning as I took it delicately in my hands, holding it from above me slightly, looking up at it. Greg bust out into laughter at the intent look on my face, as I cautiously took a nibble. My taste buds exploded, it was amazing, like nothing I’d had before. I squealed slightly as Greg took the muffin off me, holding it up high as I jumped trying to retrieve it. He was barely holding himself from cracking up. He turned away distracted by the door as it opened, I took no notice my mind set completely on the muffin. I managed to recover it the moment he turned away. I scurried to the over side of the serving area and took delicate nibbles, letting the taste wash over me.

“Having fun?” I looked up to see an amused looking Lucy and an even more amused looking Cody standing in the doorway. Great, make an arse of yourself in front of the hot guy, I thought to myself.

“Lucy, seriously why did you help this guy, he’s such a freak.” Cody said, not really maliciously but in a confidently casual manner, something I found irresistible.

“Don’t be a dick Cody; he’s cute, with his little red hair and well, his cuteness.” Lucy giggled smiling at me, I smiled weakly back, but my eyes were set on Cody.

Cody sighed, slouching over to a leather sofa, and almost fell back on it, taking out his phone and ignoring the room. Greg took this opportunity to speak up.

“We aren’t technically open yet, but as your friends of Lucas I guess you can stay, but you gotta at least buy something, we have great coffee, Lucas could make it, he needs the practice.” Cody responded, not even looking up from his phone,

“I’ll have what redness is having, those muffins have gotta have crack or something in them” he laughed, Lucy slapped him playfully round the head,

“I’ll have a deluxe coffee, with extra sprinkles, oh and a slice of chocolate cake!” She paid for Cody’s muffin as well as her food. Smirking as Greg leaned over my shoulder the whole time I was making the coffee and working the till.

Eventually, another staff member named, Hattie arrived and took control of the till, when the customers become too numerous for me to handle, Greg contented himself with making sure I didn’t screw up, delivering tray full’s of orders to the customers as well as cleaning up. At one point I walked past Cody, a tray of used cutlery and plates on a tray, when I tripped on something, it felt like a foot. I managed to regain my balance, the tray arching dangerously over the head of an innocent by stander, who narrowly ducked it. I turned back blushing at the cheeky grin on Cody’s face. I blushed and quickly hurried away.

The End

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