Lucas: starting to look upMature

I scuffed my feet a little as I followed Lucy to the bus stop, I still hadn’t got used to my red and white vans, I was far more used to heavy boots, but I hadn’t brought  my pair with me.

“Come on grumpy” Chirruped Lucy who was a few steps ahead of me, I groaned inwardly, she hadn’t told me where we were going but I followed unsure of anything else to do or anywhere go. I pulled my backpack, further over my shoulder and sped up so I was walking beside her.

“Where are we going” She smirked and tapped her nose with her delicate finger.

“All in good time.” I sighed a little examining the paving as I walked along it, taking in the miniscule cracks and the thin lines of cement, between each of the slabs. Once we reached the bus stop I sat down, zipping up the hoddie, Lucy had lent me. We were the only two people on the small suburban street.

We took the bus into the centre of town, where I followed Lucy along the high street until we reached a small café, she turned to me and did a little ‘ta-da’ with her arms. “whadda you think?”

“It’s alright I guess, but why are we here?” She pointed at a little sheet of paper cello-tapped to the door. ‘Hiring’ it said. “Eh?”

“Would you like to work here?” she beamed, I was a little taken aback.

“What… urm.” She sighed, hanging her head dramatically,

“You’re a runaway right, so you haven’t got anywhere to stay or a job.” I nodded. “So here is a job, now follow me and we’ll get you something suitable to wear to an interview.” She walked past me and into a shop a few doors down. I followed hastily. She seemed in her element, as she trawled the isles, grabbing at shirts, holding them to me, and either putting them back or piling them into my arms. Within half an hour, we walked out of the shop; I was dressed in a slim fitting black shirt, the top button undone, dark jeans and a pair of cheap slip on shoes, which gave the appearance of smartness.

“I don’t have any money to pay you back”

“You can pay me back once you’ve got the job” I smiled, as she took my hand, dragging me down the street and back into the café, a handsome guy immediately ambushed us, he flashed a gleaming smile, as he stroked his shoulder length black
hair off his face.

“Welcome to the coffee house, would you like a table or are you taking away?” Lucy pushed me forward slightly

“I… err…” I spluttered, the guy smirked slightly, not in a cruel way, but in genuine amusement, I blushed, which just left me to stare into his acorn eyes.

“He’d like a job” Lucy broke in, seeing that I wasn’t going to say anything.

“Great, come with me and I’ll give you a quick interview” I followed, as Lucy slipped into a chair,

“I’ll wait here” she said, as I followed the guy through a door, behind the counter, saying ‘staff only’. We passed through a locker room and into a small room, which was filled with a desk, some filling cabinets, a laptop computer and three chairs; one behind the desk, the other two facing it.

“Have a seat” he said, as he slumped into the chair behind the desk, pulling a sheet of paper out of a draw. I did as he asked, sitting kinda awkwardly. “I’m Greg,” he said smiling and holding out his hand. I took it, not sure what to do, and panicked slightly as he shook it twice and let go, I retracted my hand quickly.

“I’m Lucas” I replied timidly.  He smiled again

“I’m going to ask you a few questions, there aren’t many, mostly trivial stuff”

“Alright” I nodded.

“Ok, first, are you currently in any other employment or commitment which would take up any of your time,” I shook my head, and he ticked something on his sheet,

“How old are you, I’ll need an ID or something eventually, but for now your age will do.”

“I’m 17”

“Good, have you worked anywhere before this?”

“I worked in a library before I came here” It wasn’t a lie, before I ran away I belonged to a powerful Alpha, who’d been perfectly happy to let me work in his library, which is where I had met Erik, my only friend, he was an ancient beta, particularly interested in the human world, it was he who had taught me everything I knew about Earth.

“Really, that must have been fun, why did you stop?” he said, putting down the paper and leaning forward, I froze for a moment, and then inspiration came.

“I needed a change in scene, to get away from my dad; he wasn’t a very nice guy.” I faked a tear, looking away slightly, biting my thumb,

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that, but there doesn’t seem to be a problem here, can you start tomorrow? Come in say seven am and I’ll show you the ropes, before we open at eight.”

“Yeah, I can do that” Greg got up and I got up with him, we headed back to the main café, where he shook my hand, before I left.

“Well, did you get it?” Lucy asked, once we were outside the café, I grinned

“Yes!” Things were starting to look up.

The End

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