Lucas: Butterflies and batsMature

I came round with a start, as my head crumpled against
something. I felt giddy, like I was moving, I pushed myself up from the comfortable cushionings of an odd shaped seat.

“Looks like your date’s awake” came a sarcastic tone from ahead of me, blurrily I took in my surroundings; I was in what must have been a car, I’d heard about them, horrible combustion engines made of metal. I was in the back seat, stretched out. In the passenger seat was the girl who’d chased away the muggers, next to her in the driver’s seat I could see a tall, blond headed, boy. Glancing at the rear view mirror, our eyes met, I couldn’t help but blush at those turquoise eyes. Our eyes separated as the boy focused on driving. The girl spoke up.

“You feeling better? What’s your name?” She asked soothingly, like one talks to a small animal about to flee. I stammered areply, my heart beat rising again. Lie… lie… lie! My mind screamed.

“Erm… uh… I’m Lucas Kh… Lucas” I didn’t want to tell her my full name but I didn’t want to lie to the girl who’d saved me. “I don’t have anything to give you in thanks” The blond boy sniggered at this,

“Thanks for what, pulling your drunken arse outta the street and carrying you to my car? Lucy where do you find these guys” At this Lucy hit him gently. Something I’d never seen before. Lucy turned back to me

“Ignore him, he’s a wanker. Do you want to call your parents or friends let them know you’re alright?” I shook my head, before muttering quietly.

“I don’t have any friends”

“How about your family then?”

“I…um… I” searched for something to say, anything to get out of this predicament.

“You have a bag of clothes, are you a runaway?” For lack of anything else, I nodded, “How old are you?”

“17” I muttered. I blushed more as my stomach growled fiercely, the blond boy turned in his seat for a moment.

“If you’re sick I’ll…” I didn’t hear what he was saying, I was mesmerised by him. His beautiful eyes, strong face, flashing teeth, butterflies and bats stormed my stomach. “…well. Where am I taking you?” He asked his eyebrows furrowed slightly. I remained silent, struggling to reply, I opened my mouth but no sound came. Lucy placed a hand on mine.

“You can stay with me tonight” She smiled and I smiled back, my mind full of blond and turquoise.

The End

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