Cody: Looking For LucyMature

I found Lucy crouching in an alleyway a few yards away from the nightclub. Typical, I thought half annoyed, but partly amused too.

"I can't leave you alone for two seconds," I said, staggering through the poor light to reach her.

"Now is not the time for your diminishing attitude," she grumbled at me. "And it wasn't two seconds, it was hours. We were supposed to meet up, remember?"

Something in the darkness groaned. I froze.

"What was that?"

"Someone who needs our help. Now help me lift them up. They're really heavy!"

I knelt down beside her to see who she was fussing over, but all I could see was a faint outline. From the sound of their heavy breathing, I gathered he was unconscious.

"You take 'em from underneath their arms and I'll carry their feet," Lucy instructed.

Always the one to tell others what to do, I forced myself not to mutter. Even though we both knew I meant it jokingly, she'd still take some kind offence from it.

"On the count of three," I said. "One...Two...Three..."

We lifted the figure up off the ground and started out the alley. When the street lights hit us I realised it was a dude.

"You sure know how to pick up dates, Luce," I teased. "Get it...Get it," I added when she didn't respond.

"You're awful, you know that?" She replied, her teeth clenched from the strain, but I could tell she was also fighting back a smile.

After struggling to cross a bunch of roads, getting honked at by impatient drivers and receiving odd looks from passers-by we finally reached my car.

"Lets put him on the ground gently," I proposed.

Lucy nodded and as I fumbled around for my car keys she sat beside him, muttering words of reassurance. I unlocked the car and opened the battered driver's door.

"You coming or not?" I called at her from over the car roof.

"What," she replied, her face wearing the shocked look of disbelief. "We can't just leave him here!"

"Watch me," I gloated with a smirk.

I got into the car and turned the ignition. It spluttered and squealed before roaring to life. I looked over at Lucy to see if she had changed her mind yet. She was still sat in the same spot with her arms crossed tightly and her mouth twisted into a stubborn frown. Sighing, I began to reverse out of the parking space.

"You arsehole," I heard her scream at me.

With one last push at the accelerator, I decided this guy wasn't worth winding her up over.

"Fine," I snapped, putting the car into neutral. "But if he pukes in the car, you're cleaning it up."

The End

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