Lucas: what a landingMature

I hunched over, resting my hands on my knees, panting. I looked up and down the tunnel, the painstakingly carved gargoyles of the supporting pillars glared back. I shuddered, turning my gaze towards the heavy iron door in front of me. It too like the granite walls of the tunnel was adorned with beautifully chilling depictions of our history. Valor the second stared back at me, his gauntleted arms making the handles of the double door.

 I took a deep breath, slinging the small human world bag; I had, filled with what little supplies I had, which were few: I had three pairs of human world boxer briefs; a spare t-shirt and skinny jeans as well as the pair of shorts I was wearing now and the hooded t-shirt.

Pushing one of the doors open gently I squeezed into the dimly lit room, my tail swished gently across the ground as I padded gently across the small circular chamber, squeezing past the circle of seventeen stone thrones which made up the council chambers. I stopped my heart racing when I reached the centre of the room.

Kneeling down I traced the rings of runes on the floor, which circled out in layers from a small place in the centre, which was smooth white marble. Once I found the one I was looking for I made a mental note of its location and set about finding the one in the next layer. Once I had found all seven of the layers, I bent down, grabbing an iron handle in the second ring.

Straining against the massive weight of the rings, I pulled each into place, so my runes aligned. Worn out a little by the massive weights of the stones I went to the centre of the circle, my heart pounding faster than a cheaters, I lifted my thumb to my mouth, and bit it. I cringed at the pain but sucked enough of the blood out.

I spat the blood onto the runes, which began to glow ruby red.

“Earth” I uttered, and was consumed by fire.

I screamed as I fell from the sky landing in a dumpster in some alleyway. I groaned slightly as I pulled myself out of the dumpster, sitting with my back against it, my bag clutched to my chest. I could hear a bass beating heavily through the wall opposite me, and down at the street I could hear the excited chattering of mortals as they were lined up outside, what must have been a nightclub.

I jumped slightly, as I heard slurred voices, down the alleyway, turning my head to look, I saw that a back door of the club had been slammed open, and three guys were shoved out by a burly looking man with a shaved head.

“Prick” one of the drunken men slurred, as the bouncer closed the door behind them. “Who’s he to… to… hey you, what are you looking at!” My heart nearly stopped as the man staggered towards me, his friends following. I hurriedly coiled my tail up the back of my t-shirt.

The men reached me just as I was standing up. They surrounded me backing me up against the wall, the dumpster shielding us from the street. “What you got there cute stuff” slurred the leading man, grabbing my bag from me. I tried to get it back, but one of the other men shoved me against the wall, his breath stank of booze.

“Has he got any cash?” asked the third man who was eyeing me up, in a way I wasn’t too comfy with.

“Just clothes” Said the leader as he emptied my bag onto the grimy ground. He turned to me. “You…” he paused as he hiccupped “are in a tolling alley, so pay up”

“I don’t have anything” I whimpered staring up at the men around me “I haven’t got anything to give you”

“How about a shag” Said the man who’d been eyeing me up. My eyes widened in fear, as he advanced on me, the other two men, grabbing my arms and forcing my face against the cold brick wall.

“Help! Somebody help me!” I screamed.

“Shuddup” said one of the men cracking my head against the wall, I was stunned for a moment and didn’t really comprehend what followed. From what I could tell from the swirling images was that I’d been dropped by the men, who’d run away.

Suddenly a nice face was before me, soft blue eyes filled with worry scanning my face. I smiled like an idiot as I saw her lips move. My eyelids dropped a little, but I was brought back to reality, by a sharp crack on the side of my face.

“Don’t fall asleep, you twat, you nearly got raped are you alright?” gently cupping my cheek, still on the ground I nodded, not knowing what to say. “Come on, you can come home with me and call your parents”

I opened my mouth to say something, but she held up a hand, and reached into her purse, which was buzzing. She pulled out a little box, and pressed it, lifting it to her ear. “Cody, where the fuck are you!” she yelled.

The End

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