Demonic Love TwistMature

Love nothing, love anything, love something.

The sound of the pumping base beat oscillated right through me as soon as I entered the nightclub. Now, this was my scene! Dancing lights that drew attention to you when stood in the right place, girls wearing as little as they could possibly get away with and an endless stream of alcohol. Yes, life was so much more fun when you looked over eighteen. Plus it was always helpful to know someone at the door.

"I cannot believe you got us into a place like this," Lucy yelled over the repetitive rhythm that dominated all background noise.

"Well I did tell you my cousin is a bouncer here," I replied, flashing a brilliant smile that usually made girls swoon, but not Lucy. Out of the five years I'd known her, she remained immune.

"I'm going to get a cocktail," she said, starting towards the bar. "Do you want one?"

"No thanks," I said. "I prefer to keep my flirting sober."

Through the flashing lighting display, I watched her slip into a crowd of clubbers shaking her head in mock-disbelief.

A hand lightly tapped on my shoulder. The scent of too much hairspray hit me as I whirled around. In front of me stood a girl with crimson lips and heavily lined eyes. It was obvious that her eye lashes were fake as she had failed to put them on right. Yet here she was, oblivious to the fact she had over done it with make-up, mistakenly thinking that no guy would care if she put a lot on.

I allowed my eyes to roam downwards. Much better, I thought as I inspected the dress she was wearing. It was a slimming midnight blue and had a generous plunge neckline.

"So, are you gunna ask me to dance then," she asked with a squeaky voice I had to force myself not to cringe at.

I pondered briefly about it and glanced around to see if there were any more attractive females walking towards my direction before coming to my decision. Unfortunately, it was quite early so most people had not arrived yet. I'd have to wait a little longer before the sexier women arrived.

"Sure," I answered sweeping back my blond fringe. Maybe she had some good-looking friends.

As luck would have it, I was right. In about an hour I had ditched the ugly and was on the dance floor with a cute blond instead. And man was she sexy! She was able to grind against with libidinous grace only an older, more experienced woman could achieve.

Shit! I remember a while later when I squinted down at my watch. I had agreed to meet Lucy every two hours by the toilets. I whispered into the ear of the hot redhead I was now raving with that I'd be right back before shoving through a half-drunk horde of people.

She was nowhere to be seen. When I asked a bunch of females leaving the lady's toilets they said they had not seen her either. After politely declining their offers to dance, I whipped out my mobile and dialled Lucy's number as I strode towards the nightclub's entrance.

The End

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