Draniei: Alone.

I was on my way to Arius and Ryles when I heard a skittering to my left. I turned to look, but saw nothing. Then, I heard it again, behind me. I turned around, nothing.

"What the-"

Then, I heard it again, this time, above me. And I looked up, and above me was a giant centipede, and a drop of poison fell from it's pincers.


I jumped and rolled out of the way, and saw the nearest tree. I needed to get to it's level. So, I ran to the tree.


And I began running up the tree towards the giant centipede. The insect hissed at me, and began skittering at me. I clenched the halberd in my hand and I jumped off the tree, going towards the centipede, then I slashed and hacked in mid air, and after a few seconds, the centipede fell to the ground, in peices.

I stood upside down on this branch and watched as all assortments of giant forest insects came and devoured the giant centipede in a few nauseating minutes. I almost threw up. So, I walked along the branch into a hole in the tree, and I saw a scroll inside.

"Hey, a scroll." I grab the scroll and think of a spell I wish I had, then I remember that I had casted Snake's Venom on myself, allowing me to have an extra spell.

"Hold!" I said to the scroll as a pocket dimension opened up, and I put the scroll inside.

I stood there for about five minutes until I heard the rustling of Arius and Rayles, then I sort of floated in their direction.

The End

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