Taming vegas



As Draniei jumps into the fray taking down spiders with is halberd, moving incredibly fast and executing each attack with deadly precision. As gravity works it's magic on me I begin to move down towards the battle, two stone spiders already making preparation to destroy. I look at my arm. No those spells would hurt my friends as well. I look to the hilt of my demon slayer blade.

"Better than nothing." I say pulling it striking down taking the one stone spider out. I jump back instantly dodging one the spear like end of one of the spiders limbs.  The spider turns around quickly shooting web out at me like it was a canon, with no time to react I smash through a tree and I'm plastered to the ground .

"You think this will stop me?!" Vegas yells as he is suspended between the trees in a thick web, " Then you have another thing coming!"  Just after saying that a massive amount of magic explodes disintegrating the webs instantaneously. I had to hand it to Vegas he just shave my butt, and found the solution to beating this stick web, the flow of magic disrupts its flow of magic making it nothing but overgrown string. I bring the sword before with little skill and launch my self in the air making a flow of magic through my blade to cut through attacks of web until my blade strikes its stone target slicing through it with ease.  The battle ends quickly and Vegas luckily stumbles over a script.

"That was extremely easy I could have done it quicker if you two weren't in my way?"  I sigh he wouldn't have made if I Draniei and I didn't distract the spiders, or when Draniei casted support spells on him.

"Well at least we have the script now, and thanks Draniei for taking up the rear." I say.

"Not a problem, I'm going to check up on the other group for a bit." He says before taking off into the trees.

"Hmmph. I'm going to beat that Arius with is quiet, calm and so called cool attitude to a pulp, as well as show that Rayles kid who is scarier."

"Yeah lets go we're losing time Vegas." I say.

"Yeah, lets go." He says without insulting me or saying something like we already have on scroll we should take a break and let the other team catch up. We both take off into the forest heading towards the mountainous train which looked like they're was no enemies waiting for us. However when we reached a shrine with the script in it there was a magical a barrier in place that would not let us go through.

"What the blood hell!" Vegas yells at us.

"Rex must have setu.." The ground shake as a two large dragon , or catlike, or perhaps both like animals land beside us.

" A guardian spell. Vegas you know what to do right?"

He doesn't reply but instead jumps up and yells," Acidic geyser!" A spray of green steaming acid hits the monster pissing it off as well as doing significant damage to its skin, but that was not how you defeat a guardian spell, you have to defeat the beasts in a formal battle not in well this format. The beast hits Vegas into a rock face sending dust and debris flying.

"Hmm looks as Rex's new group pupils need some work done on them." One says.

"Yes that one doesn't even know how to deal with this simple spell. But however we still have one other pupil that must be shown how weak he is."

I shiver of fear went through my body these beast are summons, and on top of that they could speak meaning they were intelligent making them even more intimidating in battle. The dust and debris clear from Vega's impact area, as the wind stirred around Vegas's injured silhouette. 

"You two are going to pay for that!" He yells.

"Vegas wait!" No use he started charging," Hey you two we challenge you two to a formal battle."

" this well be a breeze." One says.

"Yes, let us battle on our home terrain!"  two says and hits the ground and I find myself in a green valley surround by waterfalls and a large canyon surround my the green field.  Vegas appeared beside me, and the two beasts appear on the other end of the field.

"let the battle begin on our stage we shall take first flight." They say.

"Vegas, jump out of the way!" I yell already in mid air as the two beast become green and red blurs. He jumps in the last moment as an explosion of earth and fire under out feat. We both land in the middle of the field guarding our faces from the debris the two shadows of the beast appearing the dust and smoke.

"Vegas, we need to work together on this one. I'm going to hit them with an attack that I learned yesterday, and then I want you to go in there and hit them with acidic geyser, it should be a two hit win." I say powering my left arm with my magic, but something was different I couldn't feel it's magic.

"Alright loser but if this doesn't work I'm not listening to you anymore."

I shrug off the insult, I could feel the arm activate finally and I was ready.

"Last breath of a dying sun!" I yell as a large yellow orb of light grows in my hand, that gave off insane amounts of heat. I let it go as the two beast round for attack number two blasting them back into the smoke and causing another pile of earth to be tossed into the earth. and searing damaging them heavily. Vegas leaps into the air with magic sending him up fifty feet.

"Acidic tsunami!" 

A wave of green liquid hits the ground with force hitting the burned beasts making them shriek with pain, but not winning the battle as they made a shield of earth.

"I'm impressed with the energy in those two deadly attacks but that will not end the battle so quickly." One says as the earth shield lowers revealing the burned and deformed face of one of the beasts.

"I can now see that the one who hit us with the acid is strong, but not incredibly smart and as for you and that demonic attack you are the brains of the operation and you have a great strength but you did not study us enough to know that an burning attack like that will not work on us. Otherwise you would have finished us just then. Now its our turn!"

"Earth barrier, spiked execution!"

"Reign of fire, hells dominion!"

The ground erupts with stone spikes that were deadly sharp and from above balls of flame came shooting at us. I do my best to dodge all of the attacks but I'am hit with a couple balls of flames sending me into the ground winding me and giving me a harsh burn onto of my lung. Above me I see the same fit hit Vegas as he lands fifty feet away. I get up shaking and in pain.  The Spikes returning to the ground the beasts laughing at us, until they see me standing up. 

"Oh still more fight, this is getting a little more interesting."

"Vegas get up!" I yell as earth and more fire begin exploding from every direction. Still no movement. I rush towards him and get him out of harms way, but I couldn't keep doing this the attacks were getting faster," Vegas come on, your look like a loser doing this." I say. He only groans in pain in response still out cold," Vegas Arius and Rayles just won, now we have to dishes, and Rex is kicking you out of the academy." His eyes open with fury. As I  carry him out of more attacks

"No way, I'm going to tear them apart!" He growls, then notices I'm carrying him," Wait what happened?"

"You got hit pretty hard but I saved you."

"What about.."

"It was a lie to get you up."

"I can't believe you saved me, I thought.."

"Right now is not the time to be thanking me, we need to beat these guys. Now one is a fire user the other a earth user your acid mixed with my Ice grinder should take them out.He nods, then says.

"But first we need to stop this fury of Armageddon so I say we hit the bastards head on then while you hit them with your sword I well cast acidic Gienah from above and your icegrinder below." I was surprised he was accepting me as a teammate but him thinking of a strategy was something else.

"Lets do it then."


The End

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