Rayles: Script hunting with Arius

As we walked away from Draniei, I tried to make an attempt at conversation with Arius.

"So... what's that on your wrist?"

" Mark of the Gaeus bloodline. It contains a vast amount of power. All males in my family have it."

"That's cool, hold that thought." I walked into a relatively empty plain of land. I got out my cane and hit it on the ground. It shook the earth around us and just in front of me, the ground collapsed. I walked over to it and stuck my hand inside, pulling out our first scroll.

"Not bad, for a human who uses a cane." He says, in a very monotone voice.

"Thanks, all right we got one, you have any ideas?" I look over at him and he's walking in a completely different direction. "What the... hey wait up!" I jog a bit to catch to him. He said nothing. He walked up to a large tree, the same as all the others, and brushed the dirt away from it. Then with one hit, he send it flying out of the area. My eyes widened. I may not have been particularly impressed with his exam, but that alone shows, he obviously knows a lot that I don't.

"Get it." He said pointing down the hole that was left by the tree. I thought it was strange that it would make such a big hole, but I just shrugged and obeyed. I looked down the hole to see that it was a bit deeper, so I needed a different way to grab it.

"Hold my feet, I'm going in." He grabbed my ankles. I crawled into the hole and proceeded to climb down until I grabbed the scroll. 2 down, at least 4 to go. "I got it, pull me up!" Not even a second later, he gave one yank and shot me ten feet in the air. Again, I was astonished. "Okay, that was cool, how did you do that?"

"All people with the Gaeus mark possess incredible strength." I paused for a second, then took a couple steps towards him.

"So tell me about the Gaeuses."

The End

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