Ryouichi Kiyone: The entrance exams!

I plan to be a Demon slayer. I didn't get in the academy...yet. First I had to go through the entry exams. I knew 2 healing spells, 3 offence spells and 1 defence spell. I think I had a good chance of getting in. I had no physical weapon but I had lots of Magic energy.

It was my turn soon after this one kid failed the exam, I believe his name was Apex. Poor kid, He was badly injured. First of all I don't know how old he is, if he is older than me, he should be ok, but if he is younger....I don't know? I should visit him in the hospital.

They called my name and I walked into the stage, waiting for something to pop out. Nothing did. I had quick senses so I could hear, smell and see things faster than others. I zoned everything out, Whilst my hair and eyes turned white, for I was calm. I heard growling and snapping and my instincts told me to wait. My hair and eyes turned a yellow, for being cautious. I had waited for the blood hounds to come at me but they didn't? I don't know why? So I decided to make the first move. I used a defence spell, my only one and I shouted," Angel Halo!" It protects me from any harm for 2 minutes.  I ran up to the blood hounds and shouted," Water Storm" as it doused the fire from the blood hounds. They can handle fire spells but really weak to water spells. I then used my other spell," Angel's rain!" This move sends arrows from the heavens to attack the enemies. It isn't that strong since I am have low experience. It killed 2 and there were 2 more. I decided to use "Water Storm" again. This time killing the other two.

The entry exam teachers said I had enough skill to take out another demon. They sent out Doom Diggers. They are hard Demons. As the Blood hounds they are strong against fire but weak against water. (good thing I decided to take water spells instead of fire) I used "Angel"s Rain" again and it was really powerful against them. Who would've guessed? Well I decided to use my last offence spell. I saw Apex use it, I shouted out," Ice Breaker!" And it was really affective against the Doom Diggers. It had killed both.

The Teachers talked amongst themselves while I rested in the waiting room. In about 10-15 minutes of waiting, the teacher's said I had passed the exam and was now part of the academy.

The End

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