Simulation, bringing the team closer



As we complimented on Arius's exam tactics, and his show of skill Rex shifted in the corner of my eye catching my attention.

"Alright guy's lets move onto the next thing. I know we're supposed to have a few more members join us later but this can't." He speaks over everyone's prattle.

"Why not?" Draniei asks.

"Well one because I'm in the mood for sparring. Two, tomorrow we're getting our first field mission, so I want you guys to be prepared to work with each other. and know each others weakness and strengths as well. So we're heading out to squad fifteens training grounds, I want your game faces on also because this simulation is going to be hard....."

" Wait are you saying our squad is called squad fifteen, and where is squad fifteen's training field?" Vegas interrupts Rex.

"Oh I forgot to tell you that part. Yeah we are officially squad fifteen and our training ground is marked in the demon slayers academy's training hall. See you all in about twenty. I'm going to make some preparations. Be sure to be there on time. This is vital for tomorrow." Rex lectures before vanishing into thin, air.

"Alright then its round two then, huh? I'm going to make sure all of you see what I'm capable of!" Vegas rages before leaving in a breeze of his ego and self confidence.

Arius stays quiet as Rayles, and Draniei all collect at the door with our own thoughts. As we got outside we began making a strategy from what we already know of Rex's abilities. Once we arrived at the Academy however our thoughts were changed to massiveness of the marble lobby of the academy and the obsidian pillars that had been sculpted by magic into the lore of our village and it's hero's.  As we all took it in Vegas jumped down from the level above.

"Hey guys, this place is pretty boring. Lets hurry up, and get this training simulation done with so I can kick all of your buts." he opens his big mouth, and beside me Rayles face shows anger and if I could see his eye I would be sure he was glaring at Vegas. I couldn't blame the guy though, Vegas and his big mouth are irritating, and to  boot his belief that he is better than everyone else insulting to anyone who is stronger than him.

"Alright." I mumble  crossing between the two heading towards our training grounds. Upon opening the doors I found myself on the summit of a cliff looking down on terrain that was split into desert, bare rock,forest, grassy, and lake, and mountain side.

"Wow, this is one hell of a technique." I say amazed.

"Yup, perfect for training, where is Arius?"

"No Idea, but I'm glad he isn't here." Vegas says as Arius opens the door. Why couldn't he keep his mouth shut? At this rate no one is going to be his friend in this squad.

"Okay now that all of you are here, I'm splitting you all into groups. Vegas and Apex  you two are together. Rayles, and Arius you are working together. As for you Draniei you will be taking the rear supporting both teams when they are in need. Understood so far?"

"Yes." Draniei and I say, as Rayles and Arius nod.

"Why do I have to be stuck with this loser?!" Vegas fumes.

"Vegas deal with it or its back to school." Rex says with intimidation.

"Alright, Alright."

"Okay now to the goal I place 11 training scripts hidden in or in between each landscape. But keep in mind each script is guarded by a guardian or a beast, and between you and the scripts are other enemies including copies of me. So this won't be easy."

"So then why did you split us up?" Rayles asks.

"Oh to make things interesting , the team that has the least training scripts will be doing some menial tasks when they are off missions,such as sweeping mopping, dishes and other things."

"What!?" Vegas blows up," That's against the rules! Thats unfair!" Vegas stops before saying," Wait what am I worrying about, I bet I could get all of them without breaking a sweat!"  He smile confidently. Sometimes I couldn't believe this guy. Still that just made that competitive edge a bit sharper here I bet no one here wants to be doing menial tasks of missions.

"What about me?" Draniei asks," I'm not really on a team."

" It depends on which team your with when this simulation is over. Say if you're with the winning team you're doing dishes, if you're on the losing team you will not. "


"You will figure that out. Its time to get this started. On my mark you are free to begin your search."

All goes quiet as we wait for Rex's mark each second felt like a minute as minute felt like an hour.

"Mark!" Instantly Arius and Rayles disappear, as so Vegas who was all to eager to begin, he forgot about me.

"Vegas get back here you idiot!" I yell gathering magic to leap after him, but at this pace I was going to lose him in the forest which was quickly getting closer.

"Why should I slow myself up, I could probably be able to finish this within half an hour tops!" He yells back at me before disappearing into the tree's. I sigh, this idiot was going to land me dish duty if he keeps this up. As I enter the forest his screams pierce the air, sending a weak shock wave of magic that blew the tree branches back.

"Of course, a trap." I curse quietly jumping through the canopy of leaves seeing him trapped in a web of magic strings and giant stone spiders closing in on him with a high scale of magic emmanating from their bodies.

"Icegrinder!" I yell, the technique had little affect on them. This simulation was going to be harder then any of had previously thought.

The End

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