Arius Gaeus: The Exam


I walked into the room, ready for my entry exams. Rex Taylor was in the room alongside the judges, and Draniei, Apex, Rayles and Vegas were waiting outside, looking in, though it wasn't really allowed. I knew the reason.

They wanted to see what I could do.

As I stepped into the circular room, I waited. I wasn't nervous, but I wasn't excited nontheless. I simply waited for the demons to appear. Finally, six doors at the far end of the room slid open, and creatures stepped into the spacious room. I'd seen these ones before. The demons had the name rakonae aurelius as their species, but they were commonly known as Rakons.

The serpent-like creatures slithered with their tails seeing as they were lacking legs. The scaled demons each had a corrosive liquid that they secreted whenever they were cut or harmed. Their tails were muscled and powerful, able to crush the body of an elephant in its grip. Their slitted yellow eyes scanned the room, and their eyelids blinked sideways. Though normally people would be paralyzed with fear, I wasn't paralyzed.

I simply chose not to move.

I heard Vegas in the distance muttering something like, "What the hell is he doing?" I smiled a bit. They had no idea.

I faced the demons as they slithered closer, and I stared back at their yellow eyes. I rolled up my sleeves, and I reached my hands out, completely in control. I focused on the arcane marking on my right wrist as it glowed with pure energy. The gold haze that emanated from my palms spread out, and I allowed it to stay in the atmosphere.

I knew what their weakness was: light.

This is why I did not move. I knew that they were frightened of the light, but they were among the most dangerous demons of all. No doubt Rex had suggested the wonderful notion. I focused, channeling my energy into my palm like I had before. "Corusco, accipio abeo!" I said. Light gathered into my palm, and I shaped it, muttering another word in Latin. "Aquila!"

The sphere bobbed once, and then it morphed into the shape of a glorious eagle that spread its wings. It ascended, swooping into the air. It flew towards the cowering demons, lighting the darkness with its bright glow. The eagle dipped, talons out, and it raked the face of one of the Rakons. The creature screeched a meloncholy sound, like fingernails on a chalkboard. Its scream was cut short when the eagle pecked at its neck and ripped the demon apart.

Then, I did another spell. I had invented it, and it was specialized to fake out a creature that roamed in the darkness such as a Rakon. "Darkness, fall!" I exclaimed. And with a snap of my fingers, the whole room was envelopped in darkness. My only source of light was my glowing marking, and I dimmed it to nothing. I heard the creatures slither along the ground, getting closer and closer by the second.

When I knew they were crowded around me, I used another one. "Explosion of light!" A bright flash exploded from my body, banishing the darkness and blinding the creatures. I pulled out my leaf blade sword and walked around, cutting off the heads of the Rakons and dodging the sprays of acid that followed. When the light faded from their eyes, I jumped away.

 There were two left. I threw my sword, and it struck one Rakon, which stayed there, dead. The last one advanced on me quickly, and I had a genius idea. When it was close enough, I muttered a single command. "Capulus, inremeabilis." The sword that was buried in the far creature's chest glowed golden as it dislodged itself and spun out towards me.

The sword spun, striking the last Rakon that was slithering towards me straight in the back. It crumpled to the floor, and I pulled the sword out of its back as the acid dripped from the deep wound. I turned to the judges, and I was silent. Rex Taylor nodded in approval, and the judges looked shocked. They regained their composure, and the began writing things down. Before they asked, Rex Taylor answered their unspoken questions. "Arius Gaeus, 16 years of age." I turned from the room and walked out.

The four kids greeted me with an infinite flow of inquiries.

The End

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