My Abilities? Erm!



Rex looks at me and Vegas guessing at who will be next.

"I will go!" Vegas says.

"Shoot kid."

"Alright well my powers aren't as lame as the two before me. I'm skilled in various biological spells, varying from acidic fountain to acidic tsunamis, and everything between. Also when I gather magic my physical strength increase ten fold to normal demon slayers. I also take great care in learning at least five skills from each category of magic making me an all rounded demon slayer except only difference is that I'm better than everyone else."

Everyone looked at like he had ten heads, he did the worst out of all of us going up against Rex, still I had to give him the fact I know that he is strong and knows far more spells than and demon academy student knows at this level. Still saying he was better than everyone was a comment he couldn't live up to, at least not until he smartens up, then maybe, still how could he beat someone like Draniei or Rayles?

"Well you've got a large bark kid, and I admit you do have a strong force of magic, but you didn't show me any better then everyone else material when I was wiping the floor with you. Still I could change that for you if you're willing to listen. At any rate kid I like your confidence, and potential, you look promising."  Rex says depleting his ego just a bit, but still giving Vegas what he wanted to hear. He looks to me and Arius. Arius made no indication he was going to say something so it as instantly made my turn when Rex decided the silence was to long.

"You with the red hair. I don't think I got your name, so you speak."

"My name is Apex, and well my abilities..Erm.." Draniei opens his mouth to speak but I motion to let me keep talking," I only know a few spells, one attack spell, one defence spell which I don't cast properly, and a heavy healing spell that takes a lot of magic but can heal very severe wounds. I failed the entry exam but redeemed myself yesterday by fighting that massive demon that broke the perimeter."

"Oh I know about you! How could I forget, your that kid who saved Vegas's and my neck. Tell me about your arm that's the only reason why I sent a letter into the counsel to study under me."

"I don't really know much about my arm  really, I only found out yesterday I had it." I say bringing the sleeve my jacket up revealing the ancient writing which wrapped around my arm in an elegant swirl that went to my fingers tips leaving an opening  under the forearm which was filled by two symbols that represented the spell which I had copied yesterday," I believe its capable of copying spells or any other magic signature, and that is has a magic or energy of its own which is beyond any magic or energy I have seen before."

"Hmm, well Apex I would have to say that's quite a gift seeing that you copied to high levelled spells and successfully casted them back at the demon with out dying. As for your defence spell not working for you its because your arm doesn't want to block the attack but to absorb so in that case your probably not one that would be useful for defence as much offence and perhaps even reconnaissance and perhaps you would be a very useful asset to the demon slayers that work in spell collecting and making. Still under my training I would like to teach you to become more efficient at using your own power other then your left arm to learn spell, and casting spells. Also seeing that you pulled out you gun before anything else tells me you like to be at a distance but seeing from your build your demon slayer blade should be your main armament. So I would like to teach you more physical attacks. Out of everyone here, you might have the most interesting ability but your no doubt the weakest because of you lack of physical strength and knowledge in spells. Still like Vegas your have great potential"

I nod knowing that he had pretty much stripped me down of all previous confidence but assured me he was capable of teaching me and making me a much stronger demon slayer. He then looked at Arius waiting for him to talk about himself but instead Arius stayed quiet not saying a word. Rex eventually gave up.

"Alright guys next thing is to head to the demon slayer academy entry exams. I want you to see who you may be competing with later on, and who you might be working with as well as seeing. Our friend Arius here taking the exam, if he is ready.", and with that he began leading the group of us in the direction of the entry exam area. Both Arius and I stayed behind a moment in though of my future before noticing the Arius still sat there. I took a look at him, somehow I know both of us had something in common. We both were quiet and in our eyes shared the same look. The look of loss.

"Hey we better catch up before we lose sight of them." I say to him not really expecting a response as I walk towards the group.

The End

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