Rayles: My powers

"Well, that's interesting, Draniei." Rex speaks, "what about the rest of you, what spells do you know and what abilities do you have?"

I knew I was going next. After I got trapped in the crystal I needed to show I wasn't completely useless (and the fact that I fell asleep in the forest in the first place was very embarrassing...).

"Well.... I don't exactly use spells." Rex raised an eye brow.

"Oh? Now I'm curious as to how you managed to pass your exam."

"It's quite simple actually. I gave the tigers a command, and they obeyed."

"I'm not sure I understand. Perhaps you can demonstrate." He backs up a few feet and utters a few words. Then, right before my eyes, a beast rose from the depths of hell into the forest. He was green, with one eye and an enormous mouth, with hand and feet like a dragon, and the body of a giant crocodile. He moved his face feet within my and growled. I put my right hand in front of his face.

"Back." I said, in a very monotone voice. Without changing its expression at all, it took ten steps back, and was now against a tree. I kept my hand raised. I used my other one to take off my glasses, my eyes were closed. And then, I said my next command.

"Pain." The word came out as if the devil himself said it, and as it left my mouth, I opened my eyes. When the beast saw my eyes, it already began to cower. Both of my eyeballs were glowing jet black.This happens whenever I feel angry, and the stare alone had been enough to ward off any and all of the rival gangsters that attacked my home. But for this monster, the stare was only the beginning.

Pain is one of the more advanced commands. First, it must be said in a very dark satanic tone. Next, the enemy must see my eyes, for that is what makes the spell. The glow in my eyes has a type of magic that sends itself into my opponents (in this case, the hell beast) eyes, and then into its mind. Once there, I make the mind feel very small and weak. Then I send an image of myself hitting my cane on the ground once. This makes the mind feel like its being engulfed in flames, but unlike with the tigers, the beast was awake and felt every bit of it.

One other thing with pain, is that no matter how much it hurts the victim, it will not kill them, or make them pass out. It will instead put them through my own world of torture that they cannot escape unless I let them. In most cases, this has them begging for me to kill them.

The hell beast let out many shrieks and screams on pain, but to everyone else, it looked as though nothing was happening, and that the beast was screaming at nothing. I smiled, and sent another image into the its mind. This time, it was of me putting my cane away, and taking out my sword, while it was still on fire. Then I raised the sword above my head, and chopped its hands off. After that, its feet, and then I glided the blade along the body of the monster and skinned it alive. Again, to everyone else, it was just having a complete physical breakdown.

I dropped my hand and put my glasses back on. No sooner than that, the beast dropped to the ground on it's hands and knees, gasping for air. I took my cane out and before I did anything with it, I made my victim look at it. He screamed in fear, worried that I would burn him again. But now I decided it was time for him to rest.

I pounded my cane on the ground in a metronome once again, started another earthquake. Leafs, branches and even a few trees were falling everywhere. Apex, Ray and the others were all struggling to stand up. I hit the ground once more as hard as I could, sending a massive lightning bolt directly into the monsters head. It continued to electrocute the monster for a few more seconds, unless his body exploded, leaving an enormous burn mark on the ground, with no traces of the monsters body to be seen.

Rex Taylor got his senses back from the earthquake and brushed himself off. "Wow! That was quite impressive, I must say I don't believe I've ever had anyone like you in my class. So is all the magic in that cane or.."

"Oh no of course not. Any commands I know are used with my magic one hundred percent, the cane simply caused the fires, the lightning, the explosion, and of course the earthquakes."

"Fascinating! So you really don't know any spells?"

"Only a couple. Energy Ball and Flying Dagger, which are pretty self explanatory, Blindness, which caused the area I'm in to become too bright to see, well, for anyone who doesn't wear glasses anyway." I smirked. "And of course its counterpart Nightmare, causing the area I'm in to go pitch black, where no one can see anything. The glasses don't really effect anything. The last ones are Smokescreen and Air Bubble. Smokescreen the area rapidly fills up with smoke. It gets harder to breathe, making fighting harder, so that's where air bubble comes. Again, I only use when I don't have the cane."

"I see, interesting. Well aside from the first two, these are really defensive spells aren't they?"

"Yes they are."

"All right, well I might teach you a few more, but it's attack spells I want you to focus on. Also, I observed your distaste before for the sword." He pointed to the pass exam blade. "I could train you with that as well, but that's your choice." I nodded. Rex Taylor was beginning to interest me, I wanted to see what else he knew.

"Excellent, I'll enjoy having you in my class. All right, who wants to go next?"

The End

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