Draniei Malachite: Rex Taylor, neat.

I stare at Rex Taylor in wonder.

"So, tell me, what can you all do?" Rex asks us.

"Umm, I can do a few support spells."

"Support why?"

"Dunno, I've always been the kind of person to take up the rear."

"So, what kind of support spells do you know."

"I know: Bear's Claw, it makes people stronger; Owl's Eye, makes people smarter; Rabbit's Paw, makes people faster; Snake's Venom, allows people to know more spells than they would normally know; Scorpion's Sting, makes a person's weapon magical; Light Cushion, softens impacts of anything really; Float, self-explanitory; Sleep, also self-explanatory; And Ruin, destroys walls or blockages.

"I also have a halberd named Seraphim's Zephyr, and I'm fairly quick and efficient in it."

"In addition to that my birthmark allows all harmful magical objects, spells, ecetera to have no affect on myself."

"Well, that's interesting, Draniei." Rex speaks, "what about the rest of you, what spells do you know and what abilities do you have?"

The End

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