A meeting



Draniei , and I rushed through the forest, getting closer to what had just been a scream. I grasp the handle of my pistol as I jump over a hedge of throrns to find myself falling into a clearing. I land off balanced and i'm quickly knocked over by an unknown force. Draniei lands beside me perfectly. 

"Get down something is here!" I yell at him, but its too late as his body jerks up and he is flipped upside down by a nearly invisible yet very strong metallic string. I reflexively roll to the right as I feel a small presence come towards me," Draniei, do you think you can cut yourself down? I think I might have my hands full here!" I yell jumping over a grey blur, my pistol is knocked of my hands as I come back in contact with the ground. From the magical power of this foe I deduced it couldn't be a demon which meant it was either a demon hunter, a spell or an angel but neither of these answers made any sense to me.  I dodge again getting a slice just across my cheek. I could hardly defend myself against this thing let alone think about a strategy. 

To my right I hear footsteps then a thoaty yell as the familiar sight of Vegas foolishly charges into battle blade out attacking me! I roll back letting him take the hit from my agile foe.

"Vegas, you idiot your attacking the wrong person! Watch out!" Draniei yells at him as he is hit again.  I look around to see if there was a demon slayer in sight who could be playing a practical joke on us but no such thing except a crystal on top of a thirty foot ledge. Behind me the sounds of feet hit ground Draniei had just freed himself. I didn't like the idea of giving out orders to these two but it was easy to see Vegas didn't have brains of his own, and Draniei well has the advantage of blocking magic making him a good candidate to fight this enemy who is unbelievably fast, as for me I wanted to see what was up with the crystal thing on the ledge. Vegas gets back up from being hit for the tenth time he looked dazed.

"That's it your finished!" He yells gathering an incredible amount of magic as wind began to collect around him," Acidic fountain!" He yells as a splatter of acid sprays out to anything in front of him. He takes a hit to the side. Yes he is a powerful demon slayer, yes he has impressive skills, but hardly a clue on how to locate an enemy. I look over to Draniei.

"You and Vegas team up to locate and take this guy down your power of deflecting magic may prove useful when he attacks you. I'm going to go see what that crystal thing up there is doing." He nods getting a firm grip on his halberd before assisting Vegas who was in midair sprawling backwards. Poor guy this type of fight was not in his fighting style what so ever. I turn towards the cliff gathering the appropriate amount of magic with my hand sign.  In a single jump I find myself beside the cystal seeing my friend from yesterday with the cane stuck inside of it frozen  as if he was in mid attack. I had to get him out but if I used any of my spell I would most likely injure him in the process, if I used the demon slayer blade I would either end up cutting him or taking for ever to get him out. Draniei and Vegas didn't have any better chances of getting him out. I cursed the crystal. I was going to have to abandon him for now, and wait to get someone who knew how to free him but even now it might be too late because I don't see how he could breath in the thing.

I was turning to leave when a new person appeared from the trees, with bronze hair and a dark jacket his right sleeve glowing. There something about him that I wasn't sure about it might have been the glowing arm but it was something behind the eyes, maybe it was the loneliness in them, I wasn't sure but all in all I instantly found him intimidating. He raises his right arm and a blast of magic shatters the crystal, my caned friend instantly falls stumbles forward as he gasps for breath.

"Thank god for that I thought I was going to be in there for ever. My names is Rayles." He turns to the boy. 

" So that is your name." I say," Mine is Apex."

"Oh I was wondering about that since yesterday." He turns to me before readdressing the boy, " And yours would be?"

"Arius." He says wasting no time and walking over to the ledge," I don't suppose you have been able to land a hit on this enemy?" He says calmly.

"No, hitting what ever it is would be Miraculous, let alone seeing it." I comment.

"I see." He says surveying the situation himself as Vegas ignores what Draniei tells him and runs in for the kill as Draniei deflects another speedy attack. The ground begins to shake after Vegas finishes his spell, and just like both Arius and I both see a moment of stillness as the grey blur takes a moment to let us see it. It was humanoid shaped and wore a heavy gray armour. The figure jumps back down into the clearing as the dust settled. All three of leaped in for the kill, making a major mistake as all of our attacks hit Draniei and Vegas as we narrowly miss out our target, losing our advantage of higher ground and surprise in numbers.  

"Ow what are you idiots doing? I had him!" Cursed Vegas.

"That was an idiotic idea." I mutter.

"Lengthwise." Rayles says. As the other two stay quite.

"Why aren't you two saying anything?" Vegas asks.

"Look!" Draniei points to ledge where our agile attacker revealed himself.

"I liked you moves, but your teamwork leaves something to be desired." The attacker jumps back down revealing himself in a closer light revealing a scarred face with blazing orange eyes and dark brown hair. The grey armour being a demon fibre fabric resistant to magic. With rank and regiment insignia.

"Your from the Deaths right hand regiment." I say looking at skeleton hand onthe right side of torso area, and you're an elite to boot. Who are you?"

"No one other than Rex Taylor." Arius says before he could answer.

"Yes, thank you Arius but next time you should leave introductions to me. I'm going to be your teacher for the next few years of your life. Well I'm not to sure about you Arius you haven't done your entry exam yet. But I'm quite sure you will pass with the highest marks the academy has seen in 150 years, and you will most likely be one my pupils." Rex smiles brightly, while giving Draniei a hands up off the ground," You must be this years youngest newbie congratulations." He says to him, before turning to Vegas who looked down right flustered.

I looked over to Arius who had gotten himself up, it seemed the two already knew each other, and Rex implement the fact that he would pass with extremely high marks, and to add to that this kid seemed a bit cold and mysterious to me. Who is he?


The End

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