Rayles: Forests and tornadoes

I'd just gotten to my room at Demon Slayer Academy. The first time I've had a room in two years, and the only room I've ever had without gun shots happening every seven seconds. I lay in the bed and stare at the roof.  The past 36 hours have been... eventful to say the very least. I was just in a group of fighters taking down a demon I swear had potential to take out the country, meeting the guy I saw fail his exam, who is now in the academy, in my class, with his friend and some pompous idiot with dirty blonde hair. We all got swords for making it into the academy, I might sell mine later, unless I find something it can do that the cane can't.

I picked up the sword, it was pretty, I guess I could give it a shot. I put it in the sling it came in, grabbed my cane, and head out to the forest to test my blade. Before I went out my door, Falem bit my shirt and pulled me back. Puzzled, I turn to him.

"What is it boy?" He moved his head to the left, indicating the window. I look out into the woods and begin to search. I couldn't see anything initially, but after a minute or two I noticed something in the window I couldn't make out. So I opened the window to get a better look. Before I could even start, I heard one of the strangest noises I ever could've imagined. It was too hard to describe, but no surprise, it seemed to be coming from the forest.  More specifically, that area. I was about to run out the door, but before I did, I thought of something I've never tried before.

I hit my cane on the ground lightly, then began to swing it in the air. I was making an invisible eight with my cane, because.... that seemed generic enough. I kept spinning and kept spinning until I finally felt something picture up. It was like wind, but coming from inside. It grew stronger and stronger until it built up completely. I stood in awe when I finally saw it, but there was no denying it.

I'd just created a miniature tornado.

I wasn't thinking straight, only of what could possibly happen. So I stepped into it, and I did exactly what I'd hoped for. I was lifted off the ground. I tried to use my hands to move it, but that didn't work. I grabbed the cane and tried to go, but that only turned it. I was out of ideas, I could only do the most obvious thing I could think of.

"Go?" And just like that It shot me out the window to the forest. I was dumbfounded, and excited at the same time. I was flying! My confidence couldn't possibly build anymore. I looked behind me to see my friends looking at the forest, so I assumed they were coming too. But with how I was moving, I would've gotten there at least twenty minutes before them.

So in case you were lost, I'll summarize: In the past two days, I killed and burned 8 giant tigers, met three new people who I became friends with, haven't learned a single name yet, had to fight a giant beast that almost killed me, and now I'm going to investigate movement and noise from a giant forest, on a small tornado going well past the speed limit. 

This is the most fun I've had in a long time.

The End

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