Draniei Malachite: That was cool.

I awoke after the battle that had ensued, I sat up in bed and looked around, I was in a hospital.

"Hmm, interesting." I say to myself, "it seems that Apex saved us all." A smile stretches across my face. "I KNEW HE COULD DO IT, YEAH!"

I get out of the bed and I walk over to where my regular clothing was, I close the curtain and change, quickly. In a few seconds I pull the curtain back and start walking out of the Hospital room. I go and walk to the reception desk and talk with the nurse there.

"Hey, I'm checking out now."

"Ok, Draniei Malachite right?"

"Yep, Draniei Malachite."

"Ok, let me just mark it down," she paused, "ok you're free to go."

"Thank you!"

I say enthusiastically as I walk out of the Hospital. I wander the villiage aimlessly, trying to find Apex, when finally I find him. I run over to him and smile.

"Hey Apex!"

"Draniei, hey!"

"So, guess what."

"Umm... you are awesome and have amazing magical powers?"

"Close, because of what I did with the demon, I was able to pass the field exam. I am offically a Demon Slayer!"


"I know! And also, I'm studying under Rex Taylor."

My eyes widen in surprise, "Rex Taylor? He's like the second best Demon Slayer in town!"

Apex looks at me confusingly, "Whose the first?"

"You are."

"Oh, right. Well, anyways, Vegas, Rayles and you are all in the class with me."

"Wait, me?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I haven't passed the exam yet... Maybe I should talk with the council about this, wanna come with?"


And so, Apex and I began walking in the direction of the Villiage Council, we made it in about 15 minutes. We walked through the door, walked up to the desk and spoke.

"Hey, umm, I have a question."

"What would you like to know?"

"Why am I taking classes with Rex Taylor?"

"Well, did you pass your exam?"


"Hold on a moment, what's your name?"

"Draniei Malachite."

"Oh! That's why, you aided in the destruction of the demon yesterday didn't you."


"Well, the council decided that you and your group did so well that you were elevated to the rank of Demon Slayer by High Council Member Geofre Good himself."

"Oh, well, thank you then."

I turn away from the seceratary and look at Apex. "Neat."

He nods and we walk out of the building.

"Well, we should train!" Apex says, enthusiastically.

"Ok! Let's train!"

Him and I find a field to train in. He takes out his gun and I, lift my Halberd into a fighting stance. He shoots at me and I deflect with my Halberd.

"Pretty fast arm."


He shoots twice; and I deflect twice.

"So, you never did tell me, what's with the blue thing around your body?"

He shoots thrice; and I deflect two and dodge the third.

"Well, it's a birthmark, but it acts like a shield."

He shoots four times; I deflect two, dodge the third, and deflect the fourth.

"So, if I shoot you the bullet won't hit?"

He shoots five times; I deflect two, dodge the third, and deflect two more.

"Sort of, the birthmark works against magic, so if something is caused by magic or is magic alone, it can't affect me."

He shoots six times; I deflect two, dodge the third, deflect two more, and dodge the sixth.

"Can you only deflect two at a time?"

He shoots seven times; I deflect two, dodge the third, deflect two more, dodge the sixth, and deflect the seventh.

"Well, I can deflect more, but it's not perfected."

"Let's try it."

He shoots eight times; I deflect three, dodge the fourth, and deflect the last four.


He shoots once, but this shot is covered in fire; I stick out my chest and absorb it.

"Told you."

"Hehe, what spells have you learnt?"

"Well, just a few support spells. I can make people stronger, smarter, faster, open to more magical abilities. I can make a person's weapon magical. I can soften the intesity of blows, impacts or falls. I can float. I can make people fall asleep, and I can destroy walls."

"Wow, that's cool."

"Oh, they're nothing."

Then, our heads both turn as we hear a noise comming from the trees.

The End

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