The sleeping power


I could not move not even to look at the expressions on the faces of my friends. I could only stare in awe struck terror in at the eyes of the beast. The magic force of this being was so strong it was nearly blowing me off my feet, while at the same time it pressed against me like deepest niches of a seafloor. 

" I want to move, I want to fight yet my body is won't move."  My newly made friend said just a little of view. Draniei still had not said a word.  Inside my head something snapped, an anger swept through my body, I had vowed to not be pathetic, standing here waiting for my doom is pathetic. I had to take up arms and take this thing on even though was nowhere near a match for it. As these thought burned through my head my body twitches out of the paralysis caused by fear.

"I'm not going to let this beast take me down because it boasts a lot of strength. I'm going to die fighting!" I say before running full force at the demon who did not notice my miniscule force of magic running towards its massive force of magic.  As I run I gather all the magic I could before using some of it to propel myself high into the air raising my pistol in my left hand raising my right palm. I rise above the demons head when I initiate my attack. Pulling the  trigger while I shout " Ice Grinder!"   I see the demon in a different light. It looked like a massive lizard with two legs and massive demon arms that can be used as a leg and an arm.  Going along with that description it appeared that several different elements covered parts of it hide. This demon was more than just powerful it was like it could destroy gods. My attack hits the demon on its forehead doing so little damage the demon was confused until it looked up seeing me falling down towards it.

" What is this? How dare such a puny insignificant being attack with me that. That attack couldn't even get me to sneeze! I will obliterate you to put you out of your foolish misery!" Its voice literally throwing me through the air. I was no where near a match for this demon, no I wasn't even a bug compared to it I was nothing! I never had felt so insignificant in my life!  As I flew back the demon shot off a spell which looked a combination of flame and a cluster of boulders.  I close my eyes waiting for my death as I feel the first boulder crash into my chest auguring me into the ground. The boulder  explodes pushing me further into the ground, blood came spewing from my mouth. The agony that tore through me could have been heard for miles if it weren't for boulders crashing all over the place.

Suddenly the chaos came to a stop as I see my newly made friend holding his cane beside him as the rock disentgrated around him. If I could move my haw I'm sure it would be unhinged. Man this guy was powerful he was stopping this demons apocalyptic attack single handedly.

" Another annoyance has arrived, I see. This is tedious don't you Demon Slayer's have a more potent, and skillful arsenal? Oh well if this is all this place has got I don't even have to use my magic!"  The demon lifts its arm and smashes it into the ground shaking sending both me and him flying through the air and then the shock wave  came breaking bones by mere vibration, I couldn't believe I was still conscious let alone being alive. Both me and my friend are plucked from the air, It was Draniei. Man was I glad to see he was okay. He sets us down on the ground our friend looked much worse off like he had take a direct hit from an explosion.

"Draniei save yourself,  I don't think our friend here and I will live much longer, I can already feel my body giving out, plus all of my organs have been squashed like puddy."  I can see his face twist in two different emotions, he drops to his knee's as the demon strides come closer.  Our bodies become shadowed as a scaled flaming foot hovers above us.

"Farewell tra...... Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaa!" The demon suddenly screams in pain while getting knocked back.  A body drops beside us, it was Vegas, how he managed that confused me , but I was grateful he managed it. 

" Just like a hero, sorry for the lateness, after all its my first mission as a demon slayer academy student. Anyways my teacher will be in a second to look after you guys while  I take this demon down a notch." He smile confidentially before taking off into the air. The overconfident idiot obviously had no idea what he was doing seeing that his teacher was yelling at him while trying to tackle him out of the way of the demons fist, but he was too late as it makes contact with both of them, and sends them flying towards the city wall. In the distance I can hear Vegas say, " There is hell of a lot of blood around here is it his? I must of beat him pretty hard."

"No Vegas that blood is your and be thankful your still alive."  I was amazed the two were still alive from that hit but even more so that they were able to talk.  My attention is brought back towards the demon when it starts talking again.

" Alright I'm tired of being messed with. I'm going to wipe you all off with this demon art spell you will all seen be nothing but memories and ashes!" The demon jumps into the air mumbling some gibberish I couldn't understand but it soon came to clear as a golden ball suddenly appeared in its hands that gave off an incredible amount of heat.  I wait for the heat to boil me away but instead the demon shoots it down towards us.  I raise my left hand instinctively with five words escaping my lips.

" I CAN'T DIE LIKE THIS!"  The giant golden orb that was liquifying the ground hits my left hand stops. Streaks of  red start appearing on my lefts arms forearm making intricate designs that where burned yet releasing a very powerful magic which I only remembered releasing once when I was saving Draniei's life.  The designs left an surround a blank space on my arm and stretched out my fingertips before cooling into a black colour. I look back up at the golden orb that was threatening to turn me into nothing but ash. It began to fade away as it sunk into my arm. I felt no pain only power, and the understanding of the magic. In the surge of information only two things made sense, my arm was able to absorb spells, and copy them.  A faint veil of smoke disappeared the demon looking dumfounded that his attack had no affect.  At the very moment my body exploded with energy and magic it was overwhelming as my wounds began to heal and the magic seemed to have a mind of its own as it raised my body off the ground. The will to fight flooded my mind as the demon began to regain its wits.  I raise my left hand.

"I understand what I have to do now! I understand why I was never any good controlling my magic in my left arm, and I can understand why I could never form a proper shield. Its because of this arm, and the power that slept within me needed to wake up with a powerful surge energy. I thank you for waking up my sleeping power, but now its also time to defend my friends at all cost." I say raising my left arm my magic and its magic combining to make the same attack, " Last breath of dying star!"  The golden burning orb appeared again and shot out from my left hand hitting the demon square in the chest.  The power which had hit the demon surrounded it, and crashed to the ground, but the demon was not killed so easily as it escaped the burning blast with critical amount of damage taken from it.

"Finally an enemy that can hurt me! No point in holding back now I shall use everything I've got!" The demon booms. I just laugh knowing anything it throws at me will only be use against it," Lunar lightening wings!" The demon shouts as it jumps into the air again the sky turning dark and filling full of lightening clouds, lightening swirling around the demons back forming deadly lightening wings. I was awestruck once again, " Try deflecting this back at me now! Lunar lightening fang!" The wings disappeared and concentrated itself into a small point on the demons hand fired down upon me with unmeasurable speed. I take the hit with my left arm absorbing the spell but the attack was so strong it was branching out my hand and incinerating the ground around me the light becoming so bright I was blinded. My arm collapsed and I the lightening began running through before dispersing my body twitching uncontrollably and some of it burned  badly while other parts of it was unharmed. I could still feel an incredible amount of power emitting from my body, even though my body had taken quite the hit, I still stood through the pain which screamed blood murder. I had to make this attack my last and make it so I take this demon out, or else I will have failed my friends. My left arm in agreement I raise it.

"Lunar lightening wings!" My magic mixed with the my left arms magic mixed with the atmosphere generating electricity which gathered around my two shoulder blades, making me feel this incredible power and the ability of flight. I take to the air  raising myself to eye level of the demon, " Now you shall face your own power except only stronger." I say confidentially, its eye widening full of fear, " Lightening lunar fang!." My arm screams out in pain as it releases the powerful attacking hitting the demon between the eyes. Both magics both instantly disappear as I descend quickly to the ground. My head burning with pain, as well with my arm. It must be a side affect of using this power like this. I couldn't bare it I blacked out from the pain. Only to wake up in the hospital.

"Twice in one day Apex good job." Says the nurse, " Except this time you get to wake up with good news. A teacher from the academy left this message for you." The nurse hand me the handwritten message.

Even though you did not formally pass the Demon slayer Academy entrance exams, your actions against the demon attack today shows that you are qualified to be on of our students. As soon as you are well you shall train along side your Friends Vegas, Draniei, and Rayles, along with a few others you will soon come to meet. Your shall be studying under Rex Taylor's.

I smile brightly as i looked to my right seeing all my friends sleeping soundly and a parcel in the shape of demon slayer blade addressed to me.

The End

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