As Draniei left the room in excitement I sigh.  I couldn't afford this I had to be a demon slayer now. Not later as much as I appreciated being teamed up with Draniei I felt I had to get there now. To find my sister,and fulfil my dream. I get up again my muscles screaming in protest, the nurse pushing me back down onto the bed.

" You can't get up just now your injuries are deep and all of the doctors are busy operating on the incoming wounded from the outer worlds. So just wait till Katherine gets here." 

I give up knowing any argument I threw at them would be turned down. I just had to wait for Katherine or a break in the many injured  demon slayers that were coming in. Times have been really harsh lately the way the demons are operating are different  they are more vicious and higher levelled demons are being encountered more often. The strain it was putting on the demon slayer community was immense.  There has been quite a few deaths and M.I.A's still we pushed on and training harder. The Nurse suddenly jumps as a message fly's in her hand.

"I must tend to another patient, if you dare get up though and walk out I will make double sure you are tied down." She says. On her way out the day I hear her say, " Yes make yourself comfortable he is conscious now." As she leaves the last person I expected to see in hospitable stepped in,Vegas.

"How is it hanging buddy? Saw your fight it was impressive but sorry to say it was an utter failure."

"Thanks," I mutter," What are you doing here Vegas, did you fail to or something?"

"Hell no that exam was easier than cleaning my own room. I just came to see how you were doing, didn't think you would bite my head off for showing you a kindness. Also wanted to show you my demon slayer blade i got from passing the entry exam." He reaches behind his back showing a marvellous silver blade with the middle of the blade darkened to black and the hilt hand crafted with rare materials and jaded leather.

"Your not making me feel and better you idiot."  I say turning away from Vegas.

"Oh, sorry, I'm a little excited. But hey I really want to see you get yourself back up from this. Just doesn't seem right not seeing someone like you around. You know what you mean?" He goes on not realizing he is either the biggest douche in the world or is insensitive and doesn't know how to talk to people.

"Vegas, just stop you're not helping alright. If you really wanted to do something nice. you would wait for me to get out of this place and teach me a spell or two."

"Oh, well I'm not sure if you're ready to train with my kind of calibre but someone like me can't refuse a plea for help.  Once you're out of here just drop my place. Alright buddy. Okay good. Hope you get better and see ya later!" Vegas gets up and leaves the room. I was wondering why he was suddenly acting friendly towards me, he only noticed one person other then all the girls and that was Targus. He would never admit it but he wanted to fight Targus and prove that his power was equal to his.  As Vegas left the room Draniei walked in with Katherine the city's spiritual healer. He also looked a Vegas oddly knowing that Vegas has never been one to show me kindness.

"Hmm those wounds are quite serious, yet nothing to sweat over." Katherine quickly analyzes my wounds, " Still having those tended to right away would be a good thing.  Good job Draniei."

" Thanks Katherine, Thanks Draniei. Once we're done here we shall get straight down to training in our regular place."  He gave a smile. A pink and blue magic slowly accumulated in Katherine's hands.  It was an advanced stitching spell that will bring muscles and flesh back together without leaving any traces.

"This might leave a strange sensation or maybe a bit of pain alright?"

I nod as Katherine begins to literally work her magic, as Draniei observes behind Katherine. A few minutes into the procedure, Katherine begins to mutter then stops muttering to herself, " That is odd, that shouldn't have happened." Which put both Draniei , and I in worry. We wait a few minutes before I work up the bravery to ask.

" Um what is the problem?"

"It's not really a problem as much as odd, your own magic is rejecting treatment and is beginning to seal the wounds it self. I have never seen such a thing. Do you mind if I take a sample of magic?"

"Erm, sure I guess." Not to sure whether this was a good or a bad thing," Is that a good or a bad thing?" Draniei asks for me.

"Oh I'm sure it's a good thing, but to be sure I want a sample." Katherine says grabbing a capsule from her pockets."Just gather some magic and place some of it here Apex."

"Alright." I say getting up feeling no pain anymore just a strange tingly sensation on my arms and belly. Making the appropriate hand sign I do as she says as she analyzes everything. I could see in her eyes she was making mental notes of everything. I fill the capsule up.

" Is that good?"

"Yup. Thank you Apex I will make sure I will tell you all my findings. Till then I must attend to matter, and I will sign you out as I leave."

"Thanks."  Draniei and I say at the same time.  She nods back in response before seeming to disapear into thin air.

"Come lets get to training. I can't allow myself to fail another entry exam." I say with some confidence.  Draniei jumps at the chance. leading me out the door.

Just on the outskirts of town I see an unfamiliar figure standing around wearing a fedora and and dark blue glasses covering his eye's. I remembered briefly seeing him at the entry exams, he also spots me and looks at me in suspicion before saying. 

"Hey, good battle man, sorry it ended the way it did." He said.

"I won't let it bother me now its too late to cry over it but I'm going to make sure I can pass the next one. Speaking of that I have to go training I can't waste anytime. But if you want you can join us." I say seeing that this guy seemed like an alright guy.

"I will join but I'm not to sure if I will train with you."

"Alright seems good to me." I reply walking to close to the gate before beginning our training involving spells we already know and our prowess in gathering magic and mixing it with our physical prowess, but the training is brought to a quick stop as something crashes through the wall.  The three of us were sent a hundred meter's back.  As soon as the  dust settled we saw what had crashed through what we thought was an impenetrable wall.  A Goliath sized demon stood towering over us its orange eye lit with fire and its appearance matching that of a level three demon, its magical presents nearly blowing all three of us off our feet. I stood paralysed in fear.

The End

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