Rayles D. Thae: Entry

I just watched one guy get sent to a hospital. He had to fight eight dogs, he got six before he was overpowered. I felt sort of bad for him, even though I never saw him before, he looked like he was actually trying, and I respected that. Which was more than I could say about the guys who already passed. He was taken away a while ago, and they were still laughing. I shook my head in disgust.

I had five minutes before my exam started. Falem flew down and landed on my leg. I stroked his head as I saw there was something clutched in his foot. I lifted a couple toes and took it out. It was a Scottish mint. I smiled, my little dragon was always a good klepto. I put it in my mouth and began to suck on it, I haven't eaten in a day, so this tasted way better than it was supposed to. 

"Rayles, you're up!" I heard myself being called, I set Falem on the bench I was sitting on, grabbed my cane, and walked up through the arena door. The place was huge, covered in flesh, blood, and smelt like death. I took a deep breath.

"Your test begins now, prepare yourself." I heard on the speaker, and I saw eight giant saber tooth tigers walk slowly out of the gates, licking their lips. I noticed one was getting ready to pounce, I raised hand and concentrate. I watched it jump at me, determined to rip me to shreds.

" No." I let the word blow in the wind. The tiger's eyes widened and it stopped in the middle of its jump, landed just a few feet in front of me. Then it slowly backed away. The other tigers looked at it angrily for a moment, and then back to me. I smiled. I hit my cane on the ground. Nothing happened. The tigers began to advance. I hit it again. Still nothing. They were starting to walk faster. I hit it on the ground a third time.

All eight of the tigers were thrown backwards by a large force of air given off by my cane. I smiled again. "It's working." I said to myself. I then began to hit it in a metronome, once every half second. The ground started to shake, the tigers began to cower, several spectators started to freak out. I kept going. A bolt of lightning hit one of the tigers, making its family scream. Another bolt came down, then another, and the one more. I was down to four tigers, I was still hitting my cane on the ground, the earthquake continued.

"Rayles D. Thae! We ask that you stop this earthquake! You are frightening the trainers!" I heard on the speaker. I shrugged, stopping the metronome. The tigers were getting angry, and ran towards me. I stared at them, and shook my head. I raised my hand one more time.

"Down." Once again, I spoke just one word. All four of the remaining tigers stopped dead in their tracks and fainted. I gave my cane a last very powerful hit on the ground, and the tigers were set on fire. I looked over at the audience, many of which still in shook, others frightened, others were applauding. When I looked back at the tigers, there was nothing left but ash. I chewed my mint to pieces and swallowed it. I then walked over to the announcer's room and knocked on the window.

"Did I win?"

The End

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