Demon Slayer Academy

In a city secured by a large white, walls topped with a crimson red top. The walls on along the outside are scarred burned and even cracked and cratered in some spots. Inside this citys walls is a race of demon slayers, Beings who are trained by angels to leave the saftey of the city wall and through gates that lead to different dimensions to counteract Demons being that are driven by power,and hunger, and perhaps a dark evil that lingers behind the scenes. In the mist of this race of demon slay



Standing next in line for the Demon slayer Academy entry exams I begin panicking. The rules clearly were: you must know a minimum of eight spells, and deal with a group of low levelled demons independently. First off I only know three spells, and I don't exactly execute the spells well especially the deflection spell. Looking back on everything in the schools before this I was always the loser, the klutz, but at the same time the kid who had lost all his family members apart from his sister, so kids weren't so mean to me and there was a lot of sympathy for me then and maybe to much for my own good.  Still I strive for my dream to become an elite demon slayer, and to find y sister had only recently just disappeared.

I pry my thoughts to the viewing screen infront of me, the kid ahead of me is named Targus. Probably one of the most skilled trainees out of all of us, and from what I could see the minute he had spent inside the entry exam had been extremely good for him. He was creaming the demons and he only had one left to go.  The proctors were remarking on Targus's abilities ,and saying things like " Amazing, Brilliant! This one could be a future elite." And well other flattering things. This only made my own insecurity deepen. I was insignificant to this guy. A nobody.

"Hey, stop shaking, its not like you can't retake the test next year."  I hear a voice I know well. The voice belonged to another kid named Vegas, an also genius kid except only difference between him and Targus is that girls flutter around him, and he is extremely arrogant. 

"Just because I feel bad for you Apex. I might give you a piece of my sandwich."

"Really? I'm actually kind of hungry." I say knowing that I'm just being a gullible idiot.

"No, but if you pass this test it's all yours."  He smiles patting me on the back.

"Like that is going to happen." I mumble.

Targus's round is finished and the proctors open the door, for me as I walk through with the little amount of confidence I had.  The door closes and seals itself behind me, as I proceed to the middle of the arena.

"Your tests begins now. Prepare yourself." One of the proctors announces as the gates go down and 8 fire hounds emerge from the gate. I bring my hands together to gather magic which quickly built up around me in a deadly swirling mass. As the fire hounds padded closer. I finish gather magic and leap back grabbing my triple barrelled pistol and let off a shot hitting one across the shoulder the bullets left deep holes in its armour like hide but had no affect. I cursed I was going to fail this for sure now, I will be left a year behind I can't afford that!  I look at the eight fire hounds.

"I can do this!" I shout trying to encourage myself with strong words. Raising my hands I begin to allow the magic to form in my hand making a cold mist," Ice grinder!"  Deadly ice crystals shoot from the palm of my hands the crystals hit their separate targets exploding shredding the demons flesh and doing critical damage. Even though I execute the spell well it wasn't perfect the crystals did not have the explosive power they were supposed to have. The Hounds hide lights on fire in anger the fight truly began as they ran towards me. My eyes widen in fear, what was I going to do I didn't have the time to dodge the wave of flaming balls and claws coming at me.  No I have the time to form a shield. Putting my arms in a X shape and raising them above my head I scream.

"Paladin's shield!"

The violent wave of attacks batter against the magical barrier that I created, the physical attacks being cancelled out but the flames made its way through my shield burning my arms severely leaving some spots blackened.  I drop to my knees in pain I had just taken a critical hit and I had not taken one of the fire hounds down.  I grit my teeth in anger. From this point on I refuse to be so pathetic! I shall hold my head above me head strong through anything I can beat these things after all I always had a large resource of magic. I get up running towards the closest blood hound, once close enough I jump and flip myself in the air making my palms face down on it.

"Ice Grinder!" The spell blasting the demon to nothingness, still in the air a fire hound tackles me down to the ground biting my abdomen, the pain nearly unbearable. I take it and raise my gun to a part of its head that is armoured by thick hide. The blast blowing it head off I get back to my feet the wound causing a large pool of blood to accumulate under my feet.  The last six demons bare their teeth at me.

"Bring it! I can still harm you ugly beasts." I say as I feel my strength slowly fading away. I had to act quickly. I raise my hands ups.

"Ice Grinder, Ice Grinder, Ice Grinder!" I shout using a large burst of magic increasing the amount of blood falling onto the ground but luckily taking out another four mutts. I stumble forwards, fatigue setting in. The fire hounds move in for the kill. The Proctor's not calling the attack off obviously meaning they thought I was not finished. Which meant I could do one more thing, but what? The last two fire hounds both send volcanic balls of flame at me. I had to defend my self because the proctor's weren't calling the round over.  I had so little magic left and I could hardly move my arms to regain my strength and not enough magic to heal my dangerously lethal wounds. I had to make a shield one more time!

"Paladin's shield!"

The balls both hit the shield with Immense force sending my flying across the room hitting the concrete wall my harms burned to a crisp. I lose consciousness. When I wake up again I see a ma's looking directly down on mine.

"Poor kid. He showed spirit but he just can't make the cut he needs to know more spells and needs to master the ones he currently has. He is not fit to study in the demon slayer academy." The man raises his head up.

My heart sank along with my consciousness.

The End

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