You've done it, mere mortal. The knife is in your hand. Don't try and push me out of your mind or I will make you tell. There's blood on the carpet, your hands are covered in the crimson  substance as well. You know you'll have to hide the body as well. What do you mean, "I can't?", You'll have to! I won't need to tell on you if there's a body right there! Come on, come on! Try to resist but I'll rule you anyway! Yes, do it! Good boy! You know if you get caught I'll make prison even worse for you. I'll drive you insane! You're gonna wish you were dead if you get caught! Oh hell you will! Come on, yes, put it in the car. Be quick or I'll make you drive over a cliff!

You seem scared, bury it quick or I'll give you more reason to be scared, mortal coward!

That grave will never be big enough! fine, just drop it in, fill in the grave and we're out of here! What do you mean scared? I'm telling you, act like a scaredy cat one more time and I'll drive you mad until you tell! I could force you straight to the police but it's more fun to tantalize you first!


The End

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