You seem nervous, don't lie to me, I feel the pulsating heartbeats sending tremors right to where I am positioned. At the centre of your mind, I know tonight is the night. Tonight you kill him. Do it, do it, do it. Nobody is immortal, you're all dying someday anyway. When you die I live on, in your ancestor's minds. Now, you must  kill him, my mortal. You'll kill the foolish boy who stole your girl! Don't try and tell me to be silent! I wont give up! you'll have to crack if I flash you a quick, stinging image of them together! That made up your mind, didn't it? Don't resist, don't ignore me, obey me or I'll make you die, make you knife your own veins! Yes, you will obey me!

Obey me, you mortal fool, before I turn the tables. His mind has a demon too, and I can tell that demon to go ahead, to tell her mortal to hurt you instead! How's that for insult to injury?

The End

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