Phill: Quick thinking.Mature

I grab my sword, That demonic bird was going down! I jump into the air using magic to give me a boost and Formed a sort of platform that shot me at my target. I swing my sword above my head a red energy covering.

"May the righteouse one sitting under the clouds, cleave thy beast of dark wings." I say  rate beside the flaming bird holding Peter. I slice with precision  across its back. It squacks in pain and floom shot out of the wound violently, It kept flying.

"Bastard!"  I swing down letting the energy out it hits the bird knocking it out of flight momentarily but yet it still refused to die. It would be so much easier if this thing didn't have Peter. I  accelerate down  drop onto the back of the flaming bird ignoring the flames. I take the sword and flawlessly cut its head off this time killing the wretched beast. We all began to plummet. I tried grabbing Peter but he was held by the bird in death grip.  I  go to lob its leg off with the blade but we are jerked forwards and I lose it.  I could only see we had another few seconds air time, and I couldn't left the gian bird, myself and Peter. So I  aimed a spell at the ground hoping turning the ground into a soft spongy substance would work.

The End

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