Peter: Well you see...Mature

"Fine." I said, realizing he wouldn't listen.

Then, almost lightning quick, I ran behind him, and I delivered a blow to his back using my open palm, making sure that only 40% of the hit impacted. Phill was then thrust forward from the force and he fell to the ground.


He screamed in pain then turned to look at me. He stood up and pointed his sword at me.

"Let's spar shall we?" I asked.

He nodded. Quickly he swung, I simply moved in such a way that the sword then went under my arm, to which I turned sharply to the left, taking the sword out of his hand.

"Hey!" He yelled.

I dropped the sword then kicked him in the side of the head with my shin. He rubbed his head then tried to run around me. I wouldn't let him, then he tried to punch me, I barely felt it.

Then, suddenly I heard the cawwing of a bird. We both turned to look and saw a demonic looking bird that looked as if it were set on fire. I flew down to me and grabbed me. It began to fly me away. As I felt it's claws digging into me I felt my vision fading. Then, I let the darkness consume me, as I passed out.

The End

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