Phill: New morningMature

I wake up as the sun hardly peaks above the horizon , in the distance. Even though the world was covered in murdering blood hungry demons the day was still , and all was quite. I picked my tired body off of the foamy and quickly packed my sleeping bag away, and the rest into my magically enhanced bag, I quickly ate a few things before picking up my massive sword to practice outside. I start with a jog, pushups, and couple stretches before I unsheath the massive blade and begin slicing in a certain patterns for hours until I hear footsteps on a wooden porch.I momentarily disapear as I appear behind them. It was Peter he turned to face me before I stopped. 

" I saw you coming." He pointed out quite plainly.

"Huh, I saw you fighting yesterday." We both said at the same time but I continued," Your really good but I didn't really see you use magic. I was curiouse do you know how to use it. Because I can see that you would have quite strong potential in it." He slid the comment off and continued where he was going.

"Your form is poor, and its making you work twice or three times more than you have to.The only reason why you are still allive is the incredible strength within you." Peter says, " I can teach you to become a more efficent at figh.." 

"NO! " I said angrily, I couldn't believe that i was being told I was weak, I turned away.

"Sooner or later you will find out Phill don't let your ego get in the way, because later you will learn the hard way , and may not survive."

"I'M NOT WEAK!" I say loudly slicing the sword from left to right a wave of energy cutting down broken and abandonned buildings.

" Thats now what I'am implementing." Peter said simply before leaving me alone.

The End

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