Peter: Rude Awakening.Mature

I was sleeping in a bed, dreaming when Flutura woke me up.

"You really need to look before you leap, we can't afford to make mistakes with a demon princess. It's something you should know, as a fellow warrior!"

I was angry, she just stormed in here and began yelling at me. I wanted to ask her why she cared so much, but something she said piqued my curiosity.

"You're a warrior?"

"Yes, I am Flutura Cascade, and by oath I have to serve the last of Phill's familly, him."

Suddenly I understood, "so that's why you were so--"

But she cut me off.

"Duh! Ugh! I should have seen you coming if tha stupid generall hadn't... I could have stopped you!"

I noticed her fists were balled up, and I began to think, "she should learn Tai Chi."

"What training styles have you studied?"

"Same as you by the looks of it, though I trained harder on the Japanese martial arts and I am partial to their uniforms." She sighed, "sorry for going off on one but it was very close."

"I understand."

"Good, and Peter?"


"Please do teach Phill, he is in desperate need of help and it would probably bruise his self esteem if I did it." She snickered to herself, "I'm small and the fact that I could kick his butt... Anyway, I hope I can spar with you."

"Yeah, I hope we get to it some time. It's in my blood to teach, my father taught Martial Arts, and his father before him, and his father before him. All down the line." I smiled at the memory of my father. "Infact, our family has it's own Martial Art, each generation perfects it, adding more grappling, or more weaponry, or more cork-fighting."


"It's a term my family uses for Martial Arts that use your enemies energy against him. Like trying to push a cork underwater."


"Yeah. It's one of the most perfect Martial Arts I know, but I rarely use it."

"Why not?"

"Well, it's dangerous for one, most of the forms are to kill. And two, it's strenuous. If you aren't fit enough, you can die from preforming some of the moves."

"I thought you said it was perfect."

"It is, too perfect. The forms themselves are perfect, if you know them you can defeat anything. You can even destroy a mountain by attacking it's base. But, it is usually a suicide move. There are thousands of stories of how my ancestors used the Grahn Art to save the lives of thousands at the cost of their own."


"But, with all the demons around, I have a feeling that I will end up using it." I thought quietly for a moment. "But, anyways, I would really like to spar sometime. But, right now I'm kind of tired and would love to sleep."

"Ok, then goodnight." She walked out of the room.

Then I placed my head back on the pillow, and closed my eyes. And then I let sleep take over.

The End

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