Flutura: CalmMature

Who did that guy think he is? And what idiot can't tell the difference between a demon and a human? HELLO!

My anger and my pride was hurt, some warrior, what a nimrod. I stormed out and woke him up "You really need to look before you leap, we can't afford to make mistakes with a demon princess. It's something you should know, as a fellow warrior"

He raised an eyebrow at me "Your a warrior?" his annoyance of being woken up was overshadowed by curiosity.

"Yes, I am Flutura Cascade, and by oath I have to serve the last of Phill's familly-him."

His eyes brightened with understanding "So thats why you were so..."

"Duh! Ugh! I should have seen you coming if tha stupid generall hadn't...I could have stopped you" My fists were tight little balls and I suddenly felt very tiny next to Peter.

"What training styles have you studied?"

"Same as you by the looks of it, though I trained harder on the Japanese martial arts and I am partial to their uniforms" I exhaled, gad that my anger had burned out. "Sorry for going off on one but it was very close"

"I understand"

"Good, and Peter?"


"Please do teach Phill, he is in desperate need of help and it would probably bruise his self esteem if I did it" I laughed "I'm small and the fact that I could kick his butt...anyway, I hope I can spar with you"


The End

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